Travel Tips: Samsonite's Top 10 Packing Tips

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Whether you're packing for a weekend escape, a city or sport’s event break, a cruise, or a two-week beach holiday, a key element of enjoying any trip is packing the right way. Here’s Samsonite’s top 10 packing tips to give you all you need to make the process easy and stress-free.

Buy Good Quality Luggage

Invest in a go-to piece of luggage that is strong, lightweight, and small enough to use as a carry-on without leaving any of the essentials behind. For your check-in luggage weight can be critical, so find the lightest sturdy case that suits your budget and your type of travel. Investing in a matching set of three cases (a carry-on 55cm case plus a medium and large case), will cover you for short and long trips - and you’ll always recognise your suitcases on the carrousel.

Carry-On Only For Light Travellers

Checking bags can be time consuming, as well as slow you down, so do your best to stick to a carry-on bag only to minimise time at the airport. If you are checking luggage, in the unfortunate event of your suitcase going AWOL, always pack at least a day’s worth of essentials in your carry-on, such as socks, underwear, a t-shirt and basic toiletries in small sizes. 

Be Prepared

If you need to pack more, carefully consider the size of the suitcase you need; most people quickly opt for the largest size possible, leaving them with mammoth bag to lug around for a whole week’s holiday. Also keep in mind, once the suitcase is filled, you need to be able to physically lift it; off the luggage carrousel, into the back of taxi’s and more. And always carry an emergency bag you can take on board if needed. Typically this would be a fold-up duffle/backpack that doesn’t take up much space, and can double up as a lifesaver in an ‘emergency shopping’ situation.

Stay Organised

Organise your suitcase by using inner packaging cubes and compartments, which help to quickly get things in and out, and reduce the risk of creasing your clothes. Samsonite’s travel accessories are designed to make your journey enjoyable and hassle free – truly making your case/backpack/duffle etc. your trusted companion. 

Keep Your Suitcase Safe

Always remove any previous trip flight stickers or labels from your suitcase before checking in, as it helps airport staff quickly identify the exact flight you suitcase should be on. If you’re on a short trip and flying, the quicker they can find your bag the better! 

Customise Your Luggage

Custom luggage tags are a great way to make sure you can spot your bag easily at baggage claim. Label clearly on a brightly coloured tag or get a unique design to make your luggage stand out on the carousel. You could also add a TSA luggage strap to your suitcase, to both help with identifying your bag and a help adding another layer of security. The key is to have a unique marking/tag/ribbon/sticker, which will help you identify your bag and get you moving out of the airport quickly.

Be Rewarded

Sign up to frequent flyer programs with airlines you use regularly to quality for elite status and have access to perks and upgrades. Many hotel groups also have perks on offer for frequent travellers, such as free WI-FI or room upgrades to loyalty members.

Carry The Essentials On Board

Always remember to take your important items on board with you. Your passport, and any jewellery, electronics, credit cards, identification and other valuables should be placed in your carry-on case or in a handbag. In the event that your checked bag goes missing, you want to ensure that anything that can’t be replaced is by your side! 

List, List, List

Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Making a packing listing will take away the stress of packing at home and at your destination at the end of your trip. Start making your list early and add to it as you remember things you need to take; that way, when you pack, there are no worries about leaving anything behind! 

Know Your Limits

Every airline has a different policy on the size, amount and weight of baggage that can be taken on board or checked in. Do your research before flying to ensure you comply with the airline’s policies, as researching this prior to leaving home will help you avoid any expensive ‘excess baggage’ charges.


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    Posted by Mandy 333 on 16th Mar 2020

    Wth the measly carry on rate allowed by so many airlines travelling like this is largely impossible for me these days. Then again I love my shoes LOL

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    Posted by Wendy Willis on 16th Mar 2020

    Put a copy of your itinerary in the bag too and contact deatils

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    Chargers are a must!

    Posted by Brigitte on 11th Mar 2020

    Great article but in the section regarding what to carry on board, not only electronic items but their chargers need to be included. Learnt that when our luggage was lost on the way to Shanghai. I had my chargers, but friends couldn't use their mobiles etc. because their chargers were in their suitcases.