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A tailored approach to skin care has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years, and it can benefit travellers in a variety of ways. UNIVERSKIN is one brand which has been delivering great results for a lineup of reasons.

  • What Is It: A science based, physician dispensed skin care regime. 
  • Why buy: The products you use are prescribed, and specifically tailored to suit your specific needs.
  • The Details:  UNIVERSKIN Serum P Advanced Skin Rebalance Magistral Serum costs rrp$220, and Advanced Skin Rebalance Emulsion costs rrp $120, available from www.universkin.com.

Road Test

There’s no denying that the skin care options available today are not only plentiful but also overwhelming. It’s also no secret that not every approach to skin care can be the same. We all have different issues or concerns, which can change with time and age, and the climate you live in, and each person has a unique skin history, from what’s in your genes to what’s happened to your skin across your lifetime. Because of this, the beauty industry is heading towards customisable, targeted skin care. For example, if you’re in your 40s with combination skin prone to redness and have some pigmentation, you can treat it using just a few specialised products containing a combination of the best ingredients. UNIVERSKIN is one such company offering bespoke skin care. It believes that each skin type is different, with many mass manufactured cosmetics not ideally suited to an individual’s specific needs, but by going back to the basics, including diagnosing skin issues and gathering the right ingredients, a customised prescription can be created to treat the skin successfully. 

The UNIVERSKIN system includes a universal moisture lotion which you use daily, along with one or more customised, medical-grade serums which are specially mixed, and contain one, two or three potent ingredients to treat your specific skin concerns.  What also sets this skin care brand apart is that you have a face-to-face consultation to get your tailored products prescribed, and mixed in front of you. The process starts with you completing questionnaire online at the UNIVERSKIN website, where you go into detail about your skin care routine and any concerns. For me, besides natural skin ageing, my issues mostly surrounded hydration, pigmentation, and the appearance of fine lines. From there you are connected with a doctor for a one-on-one consultation and skin diagnosis, and the relevant active ingredients (there are 19 available) are selected for your serum. 

My prescription included the Advanced Skin Rebalance Emulsion, which helps to prevent photo-ageing and boost the natural photo-protection. It has a lovely, light texture, can be applied to normal, dry and combination skin twice daily, including under makeup. Also in my prescription was Serum P, Advanced Skin Rebalance Magistral Serum, a multi-purpose soothing serum which aids the regeneration and repair of the skin, containing organic camelina oil, four key peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Any of the 19 active ingredients can be mixed with this serum, and in my case they included aloe vera, niacinamide and vitamin C. The serum had a lovely light texture, and a vaguely citrus aroma probably due to the vitamin C, and it melted quickly into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. When I started using the products I made a detailed visual inspection of my skin, and I used the products exclusively for four weeks. Within a week I noticed a definite difference, with my skin feeling more smooth and hydrated than before, and my fine lines were softened,  but over the four weeks I particularly noticed that my pigmentation had also reduced and was much less noticeable. And all from using just two products.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • Products are prescribed specifically to suit your skin’s needs and concerns.
  • The simplicity of the regime makes it ideal for travellers - there are fewer products to use, and take with you.
  • The products are free of chemical preservatives. 
  • Your personalised formula can be fine-tuned over time to account for a number of factors including your lifestyle, age, and seasonal and environmental factors.
  • The products work.

Insider Tips

  • Active ingredients in skincare deteriorate in the months following formulation, and with UNIVERSKIN you have six to eight weeks to use your serum from the day it’s mixed.
  • If you live in a very hot or humid climate, you should refrigerate any serums to keep them fresh.


Joanna Hall