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Everyone’s skin is different, but if you customise your skin care routine with a quality brand such as V10 Plus, you’ll not only be able to tackle specific problems such as dryness or wrinkles, but you’ll also be giving your skin VIP treatment. Here’s why.

  • What Is It: A complete range of skin care products including 10 serums.
  • Why buy: They’re made in Japan, they’re top quality yet highly affordable, and you can customise the serums you use to suit your needs.
  • The Details: The range of V10 Plus Serums cost rrp $69 each for 10ml, Ceramide Cleansing Gel costs rrp $49 for 100ml, Water Based Peeling costs rrp $69 for 50ml, and Okinawa Mask costs rrp $76 for 100ml, available from www.v10plus.com.au.

Road Test

These days you can select the shade of your foundation to precisely match your skin tone, and you can have your initials monogrammed on your iPhone cover, so why not customise your skin care routine too? After all, your skin is one-of-a-kind. V10 Plus is a luxury skin care brand which hails from Japan, and features a customisable skincare range, including a unique self-consultation system which recommends the most suitable serum treatments based on your skin’s condition. So hot has this brand become in recent years that the famous Singapore actress, Fann Wong, is apparently a fan! Unlike moisturisers, toners, and facial oils, serums are formulated with a lineup of active ingredients capable of transforming the skin in days, and using just a few drops. Whatever skin issue you’re battling, there’s a serum designed to help. As Sonya Dakar, the renowned aesthetician and owner of the celebrity Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, once said: “By using serums, people are able to intensify the strength of their regimen because a serum is the workhorse. Whether it’s for acne, sun damage, pigmentation, ageing, or elasticity, there is a serum out there packed with actives that will work to transform skin.” Like all high quality serums, the V10 Plus Serums are a concentrated emulsion, which means you can apply each serum specifically formulated for your concerns in layers, allowing you to treat several skin conditions each morning and night. 

The three V10 Plus serums I got to try, and which were selected for my skin type, included Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Hyaluronic Acid. I tested all three together. Vitamin C has been in my skin care regime for years, and I use it daily to keep my skin healthy, to boost collagen production, and to combat skin damage from environmental factors such as sunlight and pollution. The Vitamin C in the V10 Plus serum is specially formulated to be absorbed by the skin quickly. I applied it after cleansing in the morning, and found that the ultra lightweight serum minimised the size of my pores effectively, leaving my skin looking refreshed. I then followed with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectant which keeps skin plump, hydrated and looking youthful, and living in southeastern Queensland, and in almost constant humidity, my skin is often dehydrated. I found that this serum, which has a light gel formula, melted into the skin and transformed it super fast. There was also no sensitivity around the eye area whatsoever, and the serum has no fragrance, so its great for anyone with delicate skin. At night I always turn to Vitamin A, or retinol, which has been in my regime regularly in recent years as it smoothes out wrinkles and evens skin tone, minimising or eliminating brown spots and pigmentation. V10 Plus Vitamin A Serum uses retinol palmitate, a stable form of vitamin A that is well absorbed by the skin, and after using it for a week, followed by the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, my skin was definitely brighter and looked smoother. 

I also got to test from the V10 Plus range which are ideal for travellers. Designed for daily use, Ceramide Cleansing Gel is rich and gentle gel formulated with natural plant extracts to deeply cleanse the skin and remove makeup, leaving it skin soft, smooth and moisturised. To use, just squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand, add water to create a rich lather, massage into your skin to cleanse, then rinse off with lukewarm water. To enhance the results of the serums, as well as give your skin a boost two or three times a week, Water Based Peeling is a lovely exfoliant made from rice and seaweed extract, designed to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling revived. And it does all this without any harsh scrubbing. To use, just apply a small amount to clean, dry skin, and using your fingertips, smooth evenly across your face. Leave for five seconds, then gently massage the product into the skin in circular movements; tiny flakes, which are dead skin cells,appear almost instantly, and which you rinse off with lukewarm water. Finally, Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask has a lovely moisturising gel formula which is rich in deep sea water from Okinawa, as well as hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts and minerals, all designed to hydrate and moisturise the skin as well as protect it from dryness. To use, simply apply a thin layer onto thoroughly cleansed skin including the lips and beneath the eyes, leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, and then wipe off with a warm, wet face cloth. This terrific multitasking mask has a pleasant cooling action which is lovely after a day on the beach, and it can be used daily, or several times a week, or left on overnight, which is ideal if you’ve enjoyed too much sun, or have been flying long haul.  

UltimateTravelMagazine.com Loves 

  • The products are water based and packaged in attractive colourful bottles. 
  • They do not contain paraben, artificial colours, mineral oil or chemical fragrances, and they are dermatologist tested.
  • Results can be seen in as little as 10 days.
  • All of the products come in travel friendly bottles and tubes.


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