Top Tips For Travelling With Carry On Luggage

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With more airlines charging higher fees for checked baggage, a growing number of people are choosing to go on holiday taking only a carry on bag - especially if their trip isn’t very long. This not only money on checked baggage fees, but it also saves time at airports, from checking-in when you depart, and at the carousel on arrival. The key to travelling with carry on luggage only, however, starts with making sure you have a great bag. When choosing one, make sure it is the right size for the airline you travel with the most, or are planning to travel with for a specific trip, and buy one which is both lightweight and durable. A great way to get this right is to choose a carry on bag finished in fabric, rather than leather or a hard shell as both are more prone to damage including scratching, and another bonus here is that a case made from fabric has more give when it comes to packing. Also make sure the bag you choose has at least one pocket on the front for your travel documents and any liquids you’re planning to carry, making both easily accessible for check-in and security. When it comes to liquids including shampoos, mouthwash and any other similar items, choose 100ml sizes. Most pharmacies and supermarkets stock travel sized items, or you can buy small  bottles and fill them up with your own products from home. When it comes to clothes and shoes, plan your wardrobe carefully well before you travel with a focus on taking basics and items which you can easily mix and match, and all-occasion shoes. Opt for fabrics which are lightweight and won’t crush easily, and are also easy to wash and dry; if you need to take anything heavy for a colder climate, wear it travelling if possible. Vacuum bags can also be useful as you can fill them with clothes and remove the air to save space, but remember that using them can make your bag heavier. And another tip for saving space is to roll your clothes instead of folding them, and fill dead areas such as the inside of shoes with socks, underwear and other small items. Finally, before you pack your bag, lay everything out first to see exactly what you have planned to take to make sure you get it right, and have only essentials. You might regret packing that extra pair of sandals which meant your ebook reader had to stay behind at home.

Joanna Hall