Travel Accessories Review: Samsonite Red Luggage With TOIIS Personalisation Colour Kit

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If you’re a traveller who’s young at heart with an eye for style, you’ll love this new highly personalised range of luggage from leading brand Samsonite RED. Here’s why. 

  • What Is It: A top quality range of suitcases which can be personalised.
  • Why buy: The cases come in two styles, they can be personalised in different colours, and they are top quality as well as affordable.
  • The Details: The Samsonite Red TOIIS range comes in a range of colours and starts from rrp $329 for a 55cm case, available from and leading luggage retailers nationally. 

Road Test

Samsonite RED is the youthful arm of luggage leader Samsonite, ideal for anyone with an eye for style, and recently it launched a new concept, TOIIS, which is a range of suitcases which not only come in fashionable exterior shades, but are also equipped with a Personalisation Colour Kit. This allows the owner to change the colours of some of their suitcase’s components to suit their mood.

The name TOIIS is born from the inspiration of the collection − “Travel with Own Identity and Style” - and within the collection there are two different suitcase styles. The first, TOIIS C, is inspired by a C-shaped curve which wraps around the left-hand side of the exterior’s logo, while the second, TOIIS L, is inspired by a sharper, L-shaped line which follows along the same left-side placement of the logo.

Logo aside, a key drawcard of both cases is the Personalisation Colour Kit, which allows you to swap out exterior logos, trolley handles and wheel caps for replacement pieces in a different colour. And in good news for busy travellers, the customisation process is quick and super easy, using a simple tool that comes with the kit.

Some of the case features include durable anti-theft zippers, which protect the luggage from breaking, and ball-bearing double wheels, which enable TOIIS luggage to move along the ground smoothly. All cases can also be expanded, and the interiors are lined with an eco-conscious RPET fabric featuring a contemporary design by Timothy Goodman, a popular multi-disciplinary New York City artist.

Inspired by themes of sustainability, Goodman’s graphic motif comes in a grey-tone shade, while the collection’s interior artwork is punctuated in black piping for contrast. Besides plenty of style, the case interiors come with a divider and zipped pouches, which are ideal for storing small or loose personal belongings, along with compression straps to keep larger items in place, and a mesh divider. If you are a traveller with an eye for style and like to use colours to match your mood, as well as being someone who likes reliability and durability, you’ll love this new range of personalised luggage from Samsonite RED. Loves 

  • The cases feature two styles and four colours.
  • The Personalisation Colour Kit allows you to interchange the colours of your suitcase’s components to match your unique mood or preference.
  • The cases are durable, made from polycarbonate material, and they have a three-year warranty.
Joanna Hall