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The PainPod - Taking Away Pain When Your On The Go


At some point in our lives everyone will experience pain for a variety of reasons, for reasons including an injury, a stress headache, too much exercise, or simply because we're getting older. Pain can have a huge impact on our quality of life, however, and if you have to travel with pain it can be a daunting prospect. This is where the PainPod can help.

What Is The PainPod?

The PainPod’s range of new generation of ultra-wearable medical devices are turning on the power of our own natural painkillers - Bio Electricity.  Revolutionary advances in the understanding of bioelectrical medicine have opened the way for all of us, at any age, to precisely block almost all types of body pain symptoms and help to resolve some of their causes.  Kind to the body, PainPod wearable medical technology combines the best available medical evidence with specific frequency formulations,  providing the benefits of painkiller and muscle relaxant, all in one.

Why The PainPod

Easy to use, targeted pain relief plus precise, penetrating massage that helps ease tight, knotted muscles through the benefit of muscular stimulation therapy, provides relief for muscular tension, stiff, aching, muscles and joints. They can also be used to assist circulation as well as before and after exercise to speed recovery. Compact, ultra-wearable and drug-free, they are the essential companion at home or on the go, so if you’re one of the three in five people with some form of pain today (or simply have a set of sore legs), the PainPod has got your back, as well as your neck, shoulders and legs.

Your On-Call Doctor When You Travel

Jet lag, sore backs and cramped joints are common symptoms of a long flight these days, leaving many people dreading an otherwise picture-perfect holiday. Also, many people are more active on holiday, making them more susceptible to back strain, neck pain and other niggles. The PainPod is ideal for travellers as it helps them to enjoy drug-free pain relief at the touch of a button, with the range including  the pocket-sized PainPod 3 Physical Therapy Device, and the ultra-wearable PainPod Mi, as well as a range of attachable foot and hand accessories. The PainPod is also suitable for all ages, if you are travelling with children, and the pocket-friendly technology has enough charge to combat long hours on a flight. Non-invasive and drug-free, it is health tech gadget which is on call for you 24/7.

Need To Know

  • PainPod is approved on the register of the Therapeutic Goods Australia and FDA listed.
  • The device is small and lightweight, ideal for travellers.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • Start out with a low setting to get used to the sensation, then increase as necessary. 
  • The PainPod starts from just $99.


Special Offer

We’re giving our readers a special 10% discount on the PainPod 3 and any packages which contain the PainPod 3. To receive the extra 10% off, click through here.


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  1. Posted by on 1st Jul 2019 Verified Customer

    Won't Travel Without It 5 Star Review

    I am always pulling muscles in my back when I travel for work, bad technique getting a suitcase off the carousel at the airport LOL. But also I have some previous RSI in my right wrist and my wife bought me one of the Mi to travel with and it's can treat your problem even sitting on an aircraft seat! Well worth the money and great for travellers in general.

  2. Posted by on 1st Jul 2019 Verified Customer

    Great Idea 5 Star Review

    I have heard of these before and seen them around in advertising. I wondered if they work and a friend told me she's cured her tennis elbow with one, saving a fortune on acupuncture, and her husband always travelled with one for his bad back! I will have to get one, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Posted by on 3rd Jun 2019 Verified Customer

    It Works 5 Star Review

    Brilliant product which actually works, I've used it to sort out niggles and more than one episode of tennis elbow.

  4. Posted by on 3rd Jun 2019 Verified Customer

    Great Product 5 Star Review

    My elderly mother has one of these for various issues, and they are great. I keep on borrowing it, should probably take advantage of this offer and get my own!

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