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The PainPod 3 And PainPod Mi

Joanna Hall

All of us at some point in our lives will experience pain, whether it’s from too many yoga sessions, an injury, a stress headache, the side effects of pregnancy, or simply because we're getting older. Pain can have a huge impact on our quality of life and be quite debilitating. Travelling with pain can be a daunting prospect. This is where the PainPod can help.

  • What Is It: A small, drug-free pain relief device.
  • Why Buy It: It’s wearable and portable, so it can be used on the go.
  • The Details: The PainPod 3 is rrp $479, and the PainPod Mi is rrp $99, available from, pharmacies, physiotherapists and chiropractors nationally. 

Road Test

Dubbed a "portable physiotherapist" that you can take anywhere, PainPod is a drug-free, pocket-sized device which harnesses the body’s bioelectrical system to moderate and manage pain levels. It works by delivering bio-electrical nerve stimulation pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area, blocking pain signals from travelling to the brain. PainPod has a range of devices for different applications, including some specifically designed for hands and feet, but top of its bestseller list are the PainPod 3 and PainPod Mi. PainPod 3 has 12 treatments to choose from and 20 intensity settings; it’s also a 3-in-1 device, not only blocking pain, but also accelerating recovery and increasing performance levels. Meanwhile, the PainPod Mi is a tiny, ultra lightweight smaller version which is wearable all day, offering a 10 hour micro-current painless treatment, and with a touch of a button the device gives a 15 minute booster massage for immediate pain relief. Using either device is easy. PainPod 3 comes with pads of various sizes which you place on the affected area, then you simply switch it on, choose your desired setting, and let the device do its work. The feeling is akin to those beauty treatments you could get years ago to tone up flabby muscles, ranging from gentle tingling to intense stimulation. Although you may find you ache a bit during the treatment, afterwards your affected muscles will feel recharged. PainPod is an ideal travel companion for anyone who has ongoing pain. You can use the device while sitting on a plane or relaxing by the pool, and it’s small enough to pack into a handbag or carryon bag for easy transportation. Targeting a variety of different types of pain, PainPod is undoubtedly providing relief as as well a convenient, drug-free solution. And for travellers with ongoing pain it’s a godsend. Loves 

  • PainPod is approved on the register of the Therapeutic Goods Australia and FDA listed.
  • The device is small and lightweight, ideal for travellers.
  • It is easy to use.

Insider Tips  

  • Start out with a low setting to get used to the sensation, then increase as necessary.

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PainPod Physical Therapy Technology | PainPod for Pain Relief Recovery & Performance 04:35

Introducing the PainPod - Australia's no. 1 physical therapy medical device, sold globally. Contact us to find the nearest retailer near you by submitting an enquiry through Physical Therapy Device | PainPod | Australia | PainPod Physical Therapy Device | Is Pain Pod TENS or EMS unit | Portable pain relief | circulation | Muscle contractions | Advanced Units | Designed and developed in Australia

  • PainPod Physical Therapy Technology | PainPod for Pain Relief Recovery & Performance
    PainPod Physic...
    Introducing the PainPod - Australia's no. 1 physical therapy m...

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  1. Posted by on 8th Aug 2018 Verified Customer

    Hi-Tech Pain Pod 5 Star Review

    It's a great article detailing everything from how it works to all the extras that come with it. That's important from my perspective as the little extras as accessories in the information, give me the chance to compare it to my current Tens machine....way more portable also.

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