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If you want to improve your uneven skin tone before your next trip without traumatising your skin or enduring any down time, this wonderful new serum from Evidence Skincare is the answer.

  • What Is It: A serum which reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation.
  • Why buy: It is safe, gentle, easy to use, and it works.
  • The Details: Evidence Skincare Enlighten Serum costs rrp $95 for 50g. Available from www.eskcare.com. 

Road Test

Having some cute freckles is one thing, but dealing with skin discolouration and unwanted dark spots on a grand scale is something else. I’m referring to hyperpigmentation, a common and usually harmless condition where spots or patches of skin become darker than normal. This darkening occurs because of an overproduction of melanin, and while it can affect any skin colour some people are more prone to it than others, especially anyone with light skin. As for causes, culprits vary from hormonal changes such as pregnancy, called melasma, to environmental factors and lifestyle choices including sun exposure, and inflammatory skin issues including acne. A key weapon in preventing hyperpigmentation is sunscreen, but what can you do if you already have dark spots or patches and want rid of them? Although laser treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and chemical peels can work, they are often expensive, they require multiple treatments, and they involve downtime. There are also prescription skin creams you can use containing hydroquinone to “bleach” the skin, but they can be irritating and take up six months to show any improvement. Another way of tackling hyperpigmentation which is safe, gentle and effective is using a tyrosinase inhibitor, which puts the brakes on melanin production, and a new product to consider is Evidence Skincare’s Enlighten Serum. The key to its success is a relatively new tyrosinase-inhibitor, 4-n-Butylresorcinol(4nB), which promises to lighten the skin and stop future melanin deposits in their tracks quickly and with less irritation. But formulated with sensitive skins in mind, this power-packed serum also contains the antioxidant multitasking vitamin niacinamide (vitamin B3), a standout skincare ingredient because of its versatility for almost any skin care concern and skin type. Niacinamide helps to minimise and tighten enlarged pores, soften fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dullness and strengthen the skin’s barrier as well as improve uneven skin tone. In addition to its hyperpigmentation benefits, however, Enlighten is also shown to help balance sebum production, increase collagen synthesis, and reduce post-inflammatory redness. Like many women I have some hyperpigmentation, and in the past I’ve turned to IPL to resolve the problem, so when I heard about this new, gentle serum I was keen to try it. To use, all you need to do is apply a couple of pumps of the serum to freshly cleansed skin in the morning, or you can also apply in the evening to speed up the results. Unable to resist, I used it twice a day along with ESK’s fabulous B Calm vitamin B3 moisturising and calming cream (read about it here), and to my surprise within just two weeks I started to notice a difference. Besides my skin tone looking more even, with some of the darker sun spots looking less prominent, a bonus was how my complexion looked brighter overall, and the texture was smoother and softer. Everyone with hyperpigmentation will love this product, but travellers especially as it is easy to work into your daily beauty regime without fuss, and it will help prevent future damage as you enjoy a beach holiday - just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • Enlighten is lightweight and melts into the skin quickly.
  • It is suitable for daily and longterm use. 
  • It comes in a neat, lightweight pump container ideal for travellers.
  • It’s safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Insider Tips

  • It’s really important to use a top quality, high SPF sunscreen during daylight hours while using Enlighten.
  • The serum can also be safely paired with other active ingredients which are great for your skin overall, and enhance reducing hyperpigmentation, such as vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids.
Joanna Hall


  • 2

    Posted by DebbieX on 11th Nov 2020

    Worry about skin cancer not a few sun spots!

  • 4
    Would Love To try

    Posted by Babylon5 on 11th Nov 2020

    I have lots of sun spots on my face, I don't think they are cute either

  • 4
    Sounds Great

    Posted by AlannahTTT on 11th Nov 2020

    It's expensive for a small amount but if a little goes a long way and it works......living in Australia for over 20 years takes its toll on the skin for sure!

  • 3

    Posted by Lina99 on 11th Nov 2020

    I assume you can't get samples of this before forking out $95? Could be a big waste of money if it doesn't work.....just saying

  • 4

    Posted by EmilyW on 11th Nov 2020

    ESK is a rockstar skin care brand. A friend introduced it to me last year, I've never looked back even if the products are pricey!

  • 3
    IPL Hurts

    Posted by Tammy2 on 11th Nov 2020

    I had IPL once it hurt like hell and I looked awful for about a week after but it did the trick. Like the idea of this if it works, more gentle if expensive!