Buckley & Phillips Aromatics Immunity Room Spray

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While a top quality room spray will make your home, bedroom or workspace smell great, this one from Buckley & Phillips has the added bonus of helping to boost your immunity. 

  • What Is It: A top notch room spray.
  • Why buy: It smells great, it’s uplifting.

Road Test

I have always believed that fragrances are really important because of the many jobs they do, from setting the mood to promoting better sleep. And when it comes to picking a product to make my home or workspace smell good, I tend to choose products which are either calming or uplifting, and the use of some key essential oils. So when I was sent a bottle of Buckley & Phillips Aromatics Immunity Room Spray, I was intrigued. Its Immunity range contains a blend of energising and uplifting oils which may help support a healthy immune system - something which is especially important when you’re on the road, and in particular during the COVID era. This delicious room spray is packed essential oils including spicy Clove Bud and Cinnamon Leaf, zesty Lemon and Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee and Rosemary, which combine together to make any space smell great, while also raising your mood. This product is also cruelty free, non-aerosol and it lasts a long time, while being 100 per cent Australian as all Buckley & Phillips products are.

UltimateTravelMagazine.com Loves 

  • The spray has a gorgeous, uplifting aroma.
  • It’s vegan and cruelty free, and the scent derived from only natural ingredients.
  • It is non-aerosol and long lasting.
Joanna Hall