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Essential oils can be used for a variety of reasons, especially if you’re a traveller, and this top notch new range from Flora Remedia has something to suit everyone.

  • What Is It: Essential oil in a handy roll on.
  • Why buy: It is easy to use, it’s an ideal size for travellers undergoing all forms of travel, it contains top quality essential oils.
  • The Details: Flora Remedia Dreaming Oil Roll On costs rrp $28 for 10mls, available from www.floraremedia.com.au. 

Road Test 

Using essential oils in everyday life has grown in popularity in recent years, expanding from being added to massage oils and burned in diffusers to becoming alternative therapies in their own right and helping to soothe a number of conditions. When it comes to travellers, essential oils have a number of uses and can be extremely effective, from easing motion sickness to boosting energy levels. Flora Remedia has a range of five new essential oil blends which come in a convenient roll on applicator, ideal for travellers and anyone on the go. The range includes Calm, with rose geranium harvested from Egypt for tranquillity, Let Go, which uses a blend of rose, geranium, ylang ylang and lime to help you let go of negative emotions, Purify, which refreshes and cleanses using lemongrass, mint and eucalyptus, and Uplifting, which has a rich, warm chai scent to energise and invigorate. I was sent Dreaming to road test, which is particularly great for travellers as it’s designed to help melt away stress and encourage a better night’s sleep. This lovely, aromatic blend of essential oils will not only leave you smelling gorgeous, but also contains oils including lavender chamomile, which have been used in aromatherapy to help promote sleep, along with marjoram leaf oil, lemon peel oil and cedarwood oil. To use, apply a few dabs to key areas such as the insides of the wrists or elbows, before you go to bed and inhale the aroma deeply. I also tried it on my temples and on my neck below my ears to benefit from the aroma while dropping off to sleep. There’s no doubt that Dreaming will help you to unwind and relax, and put you in the right physical and mental state to sleep better. 

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The roll on is designed to ease away stress and encourage a better night’s sleep.
  • You can use it at any time of day or night.
  • It is made with non scented coconut oil and botanical infused essential oils.
  • The oils are not tested on animals.

Insider Tips

  • If you love this roll on oil, the Flora Remedia range also includes a luxury Detoxing Body Oil formulated with grapefruit, fennel and juniper essential oils, and a delicious Lavender Hair Oil infused with argan and peach for dry hair.
Joanna Hall


  • 4

    Posted by Bella&Ted on 22nd Sep 2020

    Can't wait to travel again, want to go to Japan, would put up with any jet lag to get on a plane and get way out of Victoria :)

  • 5

    Posted by FrizzyLizzy1 on 22nd Sep 2020

    If only we could travel again......I had planned to go to Europe this year for my 50th, but all plans cancelled :( Still waiting for money back from Virgin too can you help?

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    Will Try

    Posted by Tara Mara on 22nd Sep 2020

    I always carry a blend of oils when I travel for this purpose but this is an easier way to go for sure :)

  • 5

    Posted by Caitlin K on 22nd Sep 2020

    How wonderful......easy to pop into a handbag, no leaks and lovely fragrances! I want one!

  • 3

    Posted by Alannah on 22nd Sep 2020

    Great idea but you can essentially get the same benefit from spitzing lavender on your wrists and neck before retiring