Your Skin And Travel, A Q&A With Skinstitut Expert, Zoe Devine, Part One

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Skinstitut is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Australia with a limited edition Skin Brilliance Kit (see review here). And in honour of this amazing milestone, got to chat with Skinstitut Expert, Zoe Devine, answer everything and anything you need to know about your skin and travel. Here’s part one of what Zoe had to share. Everyone gets excited about going on holiday and we want our skin to look in the best shape possible. So what can we do in the weeks leading up to your departure date to get your skin in great shape?

Zoe Devine:  Always prep. Sometimes we don’t think about the after effects of travelling until we reach our destination looking less than fabulous. The best approach is to ensure your skin is in great condition prior to flying – be sure to give your skin a thorough exfoliation the night before, and follow this with hydrating correctors and moisturiser. Try Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% as a pre-travel invigorating scrub, the non-dehydrating formula delivers controlled skin exfoliation for a smoother complexion. And to correct use Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 to strengthen skin; this is especially great if you’re going to be flying to your destination. The deeply hydrating corrector is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to assist in skin regeneration not to mention it helps to reduce irritation and sensitivity. It’s also important to avoid any high intensity treatments at least two weeks before your trip, including more intensive treatments like chemical peels, skin needling and the like. You’re focus in the short term before going away will be to remove any surface dead skin cells that contribute to dull, lacklustre or uneven skin then infuse hydration to improve radiance, plumping up fine lines and rejuvenating the complexion. Ideal treatments to have approximately two weeks before you leave can include a hydrating microdermabrasion, which will help to exfoliate and superficially resurface the very outer layer of your skin, evening out the skin tone. As dead skin cells are removed, this allows your hydrating and correcting products to be infused more effectively into the skin. Microdermabrasion can also assist with lymphatic drainage, helping to target puffiness within the eye area. Skinstitut’s AHA Enzyme Peel is an ultra gentle micro exfoliating treatment designed for all skin types, which soothes reactive or dry skin while hydrating and brightening the complexion. It’s perfect if you notice any imperfections or flaking skin prior to your trip. Many women will dial back their beauty regime on the road, not only to save time, but also in terms of what products to pack so they are not taking too many. What is your advice here? 

Zoe Devine:  When we travel our skin is usually facing additional environmental onslaughts, rom pressurised cabins if flying, to more wind and sun if outdoors, or even pollution if travelling to a city destination. So all things considered, it’s ideal to try to stay on top of your skin regime where possible. There are a few things you may compromise on, but on the whole you want to incorporate your essential steps: Cleanse, Hydrate & Protect. What other essentials should we plan to pack? Of course sunscreen is always top of the list, but is it worth adding a masque for a longer trip? Or something which multitasks?

Zoe Devine:  There are a few tips I live by for this. For one, always take a cleanser but opt for a multi-purpose cleanser. I like to use Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser, as it serves as a make-up remover, eye make-up remover and facial cleanser all in one. If you’re going on a short holiday or weekend away for up to three days, I leave my exfoliant at home. I just ensure that I exfoliate the night before I leave,  then do so again upon my return. If you use correcting serums, again go for a multi-purpose corrector such as Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 serum, as it hydrates the skin, targets free radical damage from pollution and sun, and it has skin calming and anti-ageing properties. Think of it as your skin’s multi-vitamin, and a step you don’t want to miss. Best of all it doubles as an eye corrector too, so one less product to take away. Take your SPF 50+ but try to find one that also works as your daytime moisturiser, like Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+, which also can be used as a make-up primer. Be sure to take your moisturiser, especially for evenings, as this is an integral part of your regime that you don’t want to skip, even for a couple of days. If you do, you may see instantaneous changes in the skin including reactive or irritated skin, dry or flaking skin, uneven oil distribution, more noticeable fine lines, increased likelihood of blemishes or breakouts. Masks are great to incorporate into your travel regime if you’re going to be away for a little longer or travelling, and one of my favourite options is Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel. This serves as an exfoliant, as well as a treatment mask to hydrate and refresh the skin, and what I love about the most is that you can wear it overnight. So this makes for an easy PM regime while travelling, simply wash your face, then apply a smooth film all over and let is absorb into your skin. You can even apply over dry chapped lips or under tired eyes.

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