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Although they’re stylish and lightweight, one of the top reasons for choosing EXYRA sunglasses is eye protection. They tick all the boxes and more, as well as looking good.

  • What Is It: A new range of stylish sunglasses.
  • Why buy: They come with premium polarized lenses, UVA and UVB protection, blue light eye protection, and as a bonus they look great.
  • The Details: EXYRA sunglasses are available in seven styles, rrp from $98 from 

Road Test

I’ve always had a love affair with sunglasses, and have always owned several pairs at a time; a pair for the beach, a pair for sport, and usually two for fashion. Sunnies have always been an integral part of my look; great frames can do a lot for your face, as well as adding a certain something to an outfit, and they can also be one of the quickest ways to change your style. Thanks to our harsh Australian climate, however, I don’t choose a pair of sunglasses these days for only their good looks or a designer label. Our fabulously famous sunny weather presents your peepers with a lineup of challenges. Wearing normal sunglasses can make you feel like you are always squinting from glare, leading to headaches and muscle fatigue around the face, and UVA and UBV rays can cause problems for the eyes, from macular degeneration to cataracts. And then there’s man-made blue light, a type of light emitted by digital devices and artificial lighting fixtures, which increases your chances of eye strain as well as disruption to your natural circadian rhythm and interfering with sleep. And if you’re a traveller, adding a healthy dose of jet lag into the mix, which also upsets the circadian rhythm causing fatigue and other symptoms, and you can start a trip of a lifetime feeling decidedly rough! So if you’re looking for stylish sunglasses which also offer protection, check out EXYRA. 

If you haven’t heard of the brand, it was founded a couple of years ago by Raymond Seubelan, offering a range of stylish and highly affordable eyewear which blocks out blue light and looks good. New to the EXYRA lineup is a range of sunglasses, which also benefit from good looks as well as protecting the eyes with premium polarized lenses coupled with UVA, UVB and blue light protection. There are seven frames to choose from currently, most of which are gender neutral and on trend, whether you’re looking for something classic, with a bit of an edge, or to make a statement. Two of our favourites are the Clarke and the Hogan. The Clarke takes its name from the great Australian batsman, Michael Clarke, and is a perfect combination of style meets function with a square design that suits most face shapes. Like all EXYRA frames they are made by hand using premium acetate, and besides those all-important protective lenses, they also have flexed hinges which make them super comfortable to wear. Meanwhile the Hogan pays homage to the Australian comedian, actor, screenwriter and TV presenter, Paul Hogan. These iconic sunglasses boast classic aviator styling with curved lenses and a linear brow bar, which not only balance the face but also make an instant statement to any outfit. The frames are lightweight with a polished metal finish, and have the same flexed hinges for comfort, and top notch lenses. Loves 

  • The glasses offer fantastic overall eye protection.
  • They are on trend style wise, incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • They come with a case and a soft cleaning cloth.
  • There is a look book on the website to help you choose the perfect frames.


We're giving away a pair each of the Clarke and Hogan sunglasses, plus more, in a travel competition! To go to the competition page, click here.


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Joanna Hall


  • 5
    Great Glasses

    Posted by Alma Gee on 2nd Dec 2019

    I have a pair of glasses so will look at the sunnies next time I need a pair - they're pretty affordable but good qaulity!

  • 5

    Posted by Alan on 2nd Dec 2019

    these glasses are a good price and have the best lenses

  • 4

    Posted by DJ Sean on 18th Nov 2019

    When I saw the name Hogan I thought of Hulk not Paul hahahaha

  • 4
    Nice Glasses

    Posted by Caz Curley on 18th Nov 2019

    A friend bought her specs from this company last year and she loves them, and they were so much cheaper than from the optician. Can you get the sunnies with prescription lenses?