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If you suffer from eye tiredness on your travels, or at work, there are a number of possible reasons for this besides jet lag. However, this new range of eyewear from EXYRA can help - as well as have you looking good.

  • What Is It: A range of stylish, blue light-blocking computer glasses.
  • Why buy: The eyewear is affordable with a range of styles, and you can purchase your glasses online with a prescription and have them shipped to your front door.
  • The Details: EXYRA eyewear is available in prescription (single vision lenses only) and non-prescription styles from $98, available from www.exyra.com.au.

Road Test

When EXYRA’s founder, Raymond Seubelan, was working in engineering design, he was staring into a computer screen for upwards of ten hours each day. As a result, his eyes were often sore and constantly felt strained, with the addition of occasional throbbing headaches. Raymond knew he wasn’t alone, with his colleagues indicating they were having a similar experience, and curious by nature, he did some research. What he discovered is that digital eyestrain was linked to prolonged exposure to blue light, a type of light emitted by digital devices and artificial lighting fixtures, and while there are glasses on the market designed to help, many of them aren’t very attractive. But it’s not just people working at computers who are at risk when it comes to blue light, however. If you’re the type of person who routinely checks email and maybe sends a text or two before hitting the sack, or you’re travelling and using digital devices at odd hours, you’re increasing your chances of eye strain. At night, blue light can disturb your natural circadian rhythm, the ‘clock’ that lets your body know when to sleep and when to wake up, and as a result you may find it harder to get to sleep, you may sleep restlessly, and you may trouble waking up because you’re still tired. Add a healthy dose of jet lag, which also upsets the circadian rhythm, causing fatigue and other symptoms, and you can start a holiday feeling decidedly rough! Raymond Seubelan’s findings inspired the crowdfunding, and the subsequent launch, of EXYRA, stylish eyewear assembled in Brisbane which not only blocks out this blue light, but is also highly affordable great looking. 

I was sent a pair of EXYRA glasses to road test in Yarra/Honey Tortoise style. Unlike its competitors, which use a lens coating to reflect harmful blue light, EXYRA’s lens technology uses a photochromic dye that absorbs and blocks blue light from entering the retina. Maintaining true colour perception, EXYRA’s scratch-resistant lenses also offer UV A/B protection and reduce glare. EXYRA frames are constructed using durable acetate, making them lightweight and unobtrusive when worn. The pair I tested were attractive, coming with a lovely tortoiseshell frame and soft shaped lenses. Good looks aside, however, the key to these glasses is how they make your eyes feel. I am far sighted, which means that close up items look blurry, so I need glasses for reading and using my computer. I used my EXYRA glasses exclusively for one week, both for work and everything else that needed them, and initially I felt that when I looked at digital screens in particular, everything looked extra bright and extra sharp, which is a good thing. What was even more significant, however, is how my eyes felt at the end of the week. Usually by the end of Thursday my eyes usually feel pretty tired, and if I’ve been overdoing screen time by working late, they can also feel somewhat sore. The week I used my EXYRA glasses, Thursday came and went uneventfully as far as my eyes were concerned, and I happily went into the weekend from Friday without any of the usual vision issues. These glasses work, and fortunately for anyone who’s style conscious, they also look great, and they're ideal for use at home and to combat eye problems on your travels.

UltimateTravelMagazine.com Loves 

  • The glasses reduce eye tiredness and soreness.
  • You can choose a style using the online look book, and order using your prescription.
  • They’re hypoallergenic and made from renewable materials.
  • Each EXRYA style has been inspired by Australian culture and celebrates a person, place, film or language. 


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