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Protecting Your Luggage From Loss

Joanna Hall

Lost luggage can be a major inconvenience as well as expensive when you’re on the road. If you’re on your way home from a trip it’s not such a big problem, unless your case is completely lost of course, but if you’re embarking on a trip of a lifetime or a romantic getaway, being without toiletries, makeup, clothes and other day-to-day essentials can be a disaster. So what can you do to minimise the risk of loss before you board a plane? Besides choosing an airline with a good reputation for handling luggage, one of the top things you can do is make sure you have luggage tags on everything you check in, and don’t rely on the flimsy ones provided by airlines at check-in (only ever use in an emergency). Make sure the tags are good quality and durable, meaning they won’t be pulled off easily, also that they have all the relevant contact info on them – just in case. Another great idea is to have all your contact details written down on a large sticker and positioned clearly inside your luggage, such as attached to the inside of the lid, just in case your tags disappear, and someone checks inside your case for ID. Adding a printout of your itinerary, perhaps in a ziplock bag also taped into the inside of the lid, would also be of great help if airline staff are trying track down where you are, or where you are going. 

Checking in for your flight in good time, or even early, is also advisable as it may minimise the risk of you being separated from your bags. Handlers need time to process check-in luggage, transport it to the aircraft and load it, so if you’re late your bag has a higher chance of missing the flight. Also avoid booking tight flight connections where possible, as this will increase the risk of bags going missing between planes. Another top tip savvy travellers use is to make your luggage more easy to identify. If it’s a neutral colour or a popular brand, tie a brightly coloured scarf or ribbon tightly to a handle, or use distinctive luggage straps and tags to make it easier for you to spot your bags on the carousel, and harder for someone to pick them up by accident. As well as having good insurance which covers you for lost or misplaced luggage, if you travel regularly you could consider buying quality tracking gadget. These use a combination of GMS cellular signals and state-of-the-art technology to locate misplaced luggage in any airport in the world, and they’re usually the size of a small mobile phone, making it easy to slip one into any suitcase. And our final tip, especially if you’re travelling with a partner, friend of family member, is to ditch the  “yours” and “mine” attitude to packing, and instead divide your belongings between bags so if one gets lost you will both have access to some essentials.

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  1. Posted by on 15th Feb 2021 Verified Customer

    Too Funny 4 Star Review

    Great tips here if only we could actually use them!!!!!

  2. Posted by on 15th Feb 2021 Verified Customer

    Before The Virus...... 4 Star Review

    I used to travel a lot for work and after losing my case right at the beginning of a trip to Europe and it taking nearly a week to get found I bought a GPS was a lifesaver. Of course now I can only dream of travelling :)