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With smart phones having largely overtaken traditional cameras and video devices for people who travel, thanks to flexibility, and improved quality for both stills images and footage, the next obvious evolution in the tech world is gadgets to enhance your phone’s capabilities. For budding photographers and videographers, a range of intriguing accessories have been launched over the past year or so, including the olloclip Active Lens, which combines a super wide-angle lens with a 2 x telephoto lens, and is a photographer's dream. To recap on this must-have product, one of the many great things about olloclip lenses is that they are easy to use. The lens designed for the iPhone 6 range snaps on right over the camera cutout, and in wide-angle mode it more than doubles the field of view of the iPhone 6, making it similar to an action cam like a GoPro. And don’t forget telephoto mode, which offers a 2 x optical zoom lens great for portraits, close-up or long distance shots, and really improves what the iPhone 6 offers on its own. You can read our full review of the olloclip Active Lens here.

Now, you can further enhance your iPhone with the new olloclip Studio, the ultimate iPhone accessory. Available for the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus, the package contains a combination of clips, shoes and a protective case; on the back there is a series of runners that allow the additional clips and shoes to be attached to it. Accessories include a versatile finger grip, offering stability when you are shooting, and allows you to hold your iPhone without fear of dropping it, as well as to move from portrait to landscape format with ease. Also included are two 1/4-20 mounts to attach to a tripod, grip or handles, one for portrait and one for landscape orientation. There are also two cold-shoe adapters which allow you to attach any lightweight accessories such as a microphone or a light in a snap. The case has been designed to work with olloclip accessories, while the kickstand is a separate new accessory rather than being inbuilt in the case for browsing the web, watching a movie or reading your favourite blog. If you’re a budding photographer when you travel, this fabulous kit will give you most of the accessories you’ll need to get the best shots, and for the serious photographer the ability to mount your required accessories to your smartphone in snap makes the olloclip Studio a must-have.

We’re giving away an olloclip Studio along with an olloclip lens to fit the iPhone of your choice (iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus) shortly in our latest holiday competition so check back here shortly!

The olloclip Studio for iPhone is rrp $149.95,

Joanna Hall