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The smart phone is fast overtaking traditional cameras and video devices for people who travel, thanks to a combination of flexibility, and improved quality from smart phones for both stills images and footage. The new iPhone 6 and 6s are good examples, offering a host of alluring features including 12 megapixel images, and 4k videos that are four times higher than HD. For budding photographers and videographers, a range of intriguing accessories are springing up in the marketplace, and this new one from Olloclip has proven to be somewhat of a hit. Olloclip has been making lenses for the iPhone 6 since it debuted last year, and its new Active Lens, which combines a super wide-angle lens with a 2 x telephoto lens, is a photographer's dream. 

One of the many great things about Olloclip lenses is that they're easy to use, but what's also new with the this lens for the iPhone 6 range is that they snap on right over the camera cutout, automatically lining up with the front-facing and rear-facing cameras - no inserts needed. In wide-angle mode this lens more than doubles the field of view of the iPhone 6, making it similar to an action cam like a GoPro; there's no fisheye distortion, and it's great for large group shots and the landscapes many people on their travels love to take. On the other side in telephoto mode, you've got a 2 x optical zoom lens which is great for portraits, close-up or long distance shots, and really improves what the iPhone 6 offers on its own.  

There's also an Ollocase for the iPhone 6 which complements it and its other lenses perfectly; you'll need one of these too if you want a case on your phone at all times, as you can't use Olloclip lenses with a normal case because of the way the lens fits over the top of the iPhone. It's made from a thin polycarbonate shell with rubber bumpers around the sides, so it protects your precious device from minor drops, and has a clear back. But it's also easy to put on and take off, so you can only use it if you choose with your Olloclip lens.

The Olloclip for iPhone 6 is rrp $154.95, from and various resellers nationwide including Apple, and Dick Smith.

Ben Hall