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If you love using lavender and you enjoy a complex fragrance which lingers but isn’t overpowering, you’ll love this very special Jo Malone cologne.

  • What Is It: One of the Lavenderland limited edition fragrances with a focus on English lavender.
  • Why buy: Wisteria & Lavender Cologne smells gorgeous, it’s super exclusive, and it can be used by everyone regardless of gender.
  • The Details: Jo Malone Wisteria & Lavender costs rrp $102 for 30ml, available from various outlets including David Jones.

Road Test 

I’m a lavender addict for a number of reasons besides having always loved the fragrance. Another reason is that lavender is believed by many to have a gamut of health benefits from promoting calmness to reducing stress and anxiety; ask the question, and you’ll hardly a household, grooming or wellness product that hasn’t been infused with lavender from candles and diffusers, to shower gels and facial mists. And from a traveller’s perspective there’s also something a bit special about walking through lavender fields, which I’ve been fortunate to do in a number of destinations including in Somerset in England. When it comes to fragrance, lavender features mostly used in women’s perfumes, although it is also included in men’s and gender neutral products alongside aromatic ingredients such as pine, patchouli, bergamot, neroli and orange blossom. Embracing a newfound desire for lavender, Jo Malone London launched a limited edition collection of three colognes available in decorative 30ml bottles earlier this year, offering a fresh perspective of iconic lavender. The colognes include Wisteria & Lavender, Silver Birch & Lavender, and Lavender & Coriander. One of the two fragrances I got to sample was Wisteria & Lavender, which comes in a cute, petite bottle ideal for travellers, or anyone who likes to carry fragrance with them on the go. Although cool, iconic lavender dominates the middle notes, this is undoubtedly a soft, floral presentation of English lavender thanks to sweet wisteria and powdery heliotrope, all three embraced in clean and delicate white musk. This is a truly lovely cologne fusing sophistication and complexity with a certain softness which is warm, alluring and hard to describe. And for day-to-day wear, or when I want to reminisce about lavender fields from my travels, its a new favourite to spritz.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The cologne has a lovely fragrance and like all the blends in the collection is wonderfully calming.
  • It has a long lasting scent without being heavy.
  • The bottle is neat and great for travellers.
  • It’s gender neutral. 

Insider Tips

  • Always apply fragrance to the creases of your knees and elbows for a longer-lasting and stronger scent. 
  • After applying the fragrance, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin as it breaks down the scent and makes it wear off quickly. 
  • If you wear fragrance on your wrists, reapply after washing your hands as it can inadvertently rinse the scent off. 
Joanna Hall


  • 5
    Love Jo Malone

    Posted by Alya The Chef on 6th Oct 2020

    Jo Malone rocks....great smells, top notch quality

  • 4
    Lavender Rocks

    Posted by Lena Z on 6th Oct 2020

    I remember my grandma's lavender and while I hated the smell for years (it made me think of old folk) since taking up yoga I've grown to LOVE it again. This sounds divine, just marked it down as it's exxy for the size!

  • 5

    Posted by Freida K on 6th Oct 2020

    Sounds dreamy