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If you’re looking for a fragrance which is fresh and a little bit different, check out the Wildflowers & Weeds collection from the esteemed English perfume and lifestyle brand, Jo Malone. 

  • What Is It: A new, limited edition collection of five unusual scents.
  • Why buy: They come in handy travel sizes, and are inspired by the wild flowers, field grasses and weeds of England.
  • The Details: Jo Malone’s Wildflowers & Weeds fragrances cost $98 each for 30mls, available from, and from Jo Malone boutiques, and selected David Jones and MYER stores.

Road Test

In April 2017, members of the Jo Malone team including its creative director, Céline Roux, and perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner, went on a field trip exploring English canals. They were travelling by barge, which is not only a traditional but also a fun way to go in these parts, and what they discovered along the way was an unusual collection of wildflowers and weeds hidden under weeping willows along the banks of the waterways. These plants, trees and flowers became the inspiration for a new and limited edition collection of special colognes, The Wildflower & Weeds Collection, including Willow & Amber, Lupin & Patchouli, Nettle & Wild Achillea, Hemlock & Bergamot, and Cade & Cedarwood. This new range, which launched a few months ago, embraces the concept that a growing number of people embroiled in busy city lifestyles are increasingly becoming fascinated with nature. It also follows a number of other popular Jo Malone collections including Herb Garden line from 2016, the Bloomsbury Collection from 2017 and the English Fields Collection from last year, 2018. Jo Malone perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner created the fragrances for this new collection of five, of which I was sent two to road test. First up is Nettle & Wild Achillea, which is a delicious fresh, green fragrance enjoying soft top notes of wild achillea, mid notes of the herbaceous and peppery nettle plant, and a smooth base note of earthy and rich vetiver. The other fragrance was Lupin & Patchouli, which is best described as a juicy, colourful fragrance which has top notes of the tall, floral lupin flower, mid notes of warm rose, and base notes of the sensuous and woody patchouli. Both fragrances are lovely to wear by day or night, and are long lasting even though they subtly change over time on your skin. If you like to stand out in a crowd, and enjoy reminiscing about the English countryside, you’ll love these top notch fragrances with a difference. 

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The bottles are simply gorgeous, made from transparent glass with illustrations of the key flowers or grass making up the fragrance.
  • The fragrances are highly unusual and each one is very different.
  • The bottles are ideally suited to travellers thanks to their petite size.
  • This collection is niche perfume at its best. 

Insider Tips

  • The difference between cologne and perfume is usually down to the concentration of oils in the fragrance. The highest concentration is in pure perfume or parfum, while Eau de Cologne is more lightweight and subtle.
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    Posted by Kym A on 17th Jun 2019

    Wow perfumes are becoming so pricey these days! But these sound a bit different...I wonder if you can try anywhere before you buy like in Myer?