Freya’s Nourishment Rejuvenating Facial Oil

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If you’re a fan of facial oils, and are looking for one that has top notch anti-ageing qualities, look no further than this gorgeous blend from Freya’s Nourishment.

  • What Is It: A facial oil blend.
  • Why buy: It’s all natural, smells great, and ticks all the boxes when it comes to keeping your skin in good condition.
  • The Details: Freya’s Nourishment Rejuvenating Facial Oil costs $38 for 45ml, available from

Road Test 

I’ve been a fan of facial oils for a long time, and a while back I started to make a simple bend of my own so I could include the ingredients I liked the most, and which I felt were best for my skin. Living in southeastern Queensland, however, I tend to use a facial oil only at night, and occasionally by day during the cooler drier months, or when my skin needs a boost. So my interest was somewhat piqued when I heard about the Rejuvenating Facial Oil from Freya’s Nourishment. It hails from a natural line of skin care products which are Australian made and very affordable, and is designed to be used once daily, applied to cleansed, slightly damp skin at night, and followed by your usual moisturiser. What really interested me, however, is that the formula includes a potent lineup of terrific anti-ageing ingredients, including sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, jasmine, lavender, geranium, frankincense and myrrh, with a large percentage of these certified organic. Some of these are the same ingredients I use in my own blend. Having already road tested some other products from Freya’s Nourishment, including gorgeous bath salts, I was keen to see if this facial oil performed as well as my own, and having used it on my skin daily for over two weeks, I am happy to report that it does. Some of the key changes I found after just a few weeks included an improved skin tone, along with overall smoothing, tightening and great hydration of the skin. I also found that the oil melted into the skin really easily, and it instantly felt softer and plumper.  

Beauty In Travel Loves     

  • The oil scent which is rich and natural.
  • The oil comes in an amber pump bottle which is suitable for travelling.
  • You also can add a drop or two of the oil to your moisturiser.

Insider Tips

  • Don’t forget to use on your neck and décolletage, and if you have any excess oil left on your hands, rub it into your elbows or knees to soften the skin.
  • A little goes a long way, so don’t pump too much in one go.
Joanna Hall


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    Posted by Eva on 30th Oct 2018

    This product sounds pretty cheap consdering all it contains.....I pay more for an organic rose hip oil currently so I might just make the switch!