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Once upon a time someone gave me a detangling brush to review. It looked pretty enough, but when I pushed it through my hair, rather than loosening any knots, it proceeded to tug, pull and rip out some of my hair. Major fail! Okay, so I have been blessed with a head of thick hair which would challenge the best performing hair brush, but ever since that day I’ve avoided detangling brushes like the plague. That is until recently. Welcome to the Dessata Maxi detangling brush, a brush which promises to gently detangle your hair quickly and without effort, with no pulling or hair breakage. And you know what? This is one cute little brush which actually does what it promises! Suitable for all hair types from fine and brittle, to chase and curly, the secret to this brush is in its flexible hair bristles. There are three lengths on the brush, which do the job of detangling without tears, and they’re made from a special gel which means they won’t break down over time or with use. Another plus; when you use this detangling brush on your hair you won’t be left with static afterwards. 

There are other good things about the Dessata Maxi, including the lovely ergonomic design which sits in your hand neatly and comfortably. It adapts to the shape of your head, giving your scalp a nice massage in the process, and you can use the brush on dry or wet hair, so if your hair is messed up from a day at the beach, and you have salty dry hair from swimming, this brush will handle getting it smooth and silky in no time, eliminating the need to wash your locks before going out! It’s also wonderful for brushing conditioner or any treatment products through your hair in the shower; if want to use it again to dry your hair afterwards, just dry the brush off lightly with a towel. The Dessata Maxi comes in a range of colours and colour combos to suit all styles and tastes; I tested the Neon Coral brush which is bright and summery. Another great thing is the price, as the rrp is just $29.95, available from So what are you and your hair waiting for? Grab one today in time for your next holiday - I promise you it is the only brush you need.

Joanna Hall