Bellé Botanique Bright Star Soothing Cleansing Balm

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Remove makeup and the grime of the day in a single step, with this rich, cleansing balm from Bellé Botanique.

  • What Is It: A luxury cleansing balm.
  • Why buy: It’s made from naturally derived ingredients and deep cleanses beautifully.
  • The Details: Bellé Botanique Bright Star Soothing Cleansing Balm costs rrp $55 for a 50ml jar, available from

Road Test

Years ago I interviewed Dr. Leslie Baumann, a leading dermatologist from Miami, about her bestselling book, The Skin Type Solution. The book laid out a system she had devised to measure four major skin factors: oiliness versus dryness, resistance versus sensitivity, pigmentation versus non-pigmentation, and tightness versus wrinkling. But Dr. Baumann’s skin typing also took many more factors into account, including your skin colour, history of sun exposure, smoking and pimples, and your genes - all of which contribute to the skin you are in today. I took the test, and discovered I was “dry, sensitive, pigmented and wrinkled”, otherwise know as the “desperate” skin type, with the root cause of most of my problems being sensitivity rather than oiliness. The more I did of the wrong things, the more confused and upset my complexion became, which included my use of cleansers - I had a love of foaming ones, which dried and irritated. One of the first changes I made to my beauty regime was switching to a creamy cleanser, and it made a difference almost immediately. Since then, I have enjoyed seeking out great cleansers which suit skin like mine, and Bellé Botanique’s Bright Star Soothing Cleansing Balm has quickly become a new favourite since I road tested it. Refreshing, soothing and moisturising, this cleansing balm does its job really well, while leaving the skin bright, with that squeaky-clean after feel we all love. The formula has a terrific blend of ingredients to cleanse and tone in one step, starting with frankincense oil, which helps to clean the skin and remove toxins, while sweet orange oil tones, patchouli and yang ylang help to soften and soothe. Other key ingredients include hazelnut oil, which helps to replenish skin lipids, while rice starch powder refines pores and gently exfoliates. To use, all you need to do is massage a small amount your dry face and neck, over makeup and grime, work the balm into your skin using small circular motions, and finally wash off the excess and dry to close down your pores. Your skin will feel amazing, and look great too, and what’s not to love about that after a long day, perhaps travelling?

Beauty In Travel Loves     

  • The balm removed makeup and grim easily, leaving your skin feeling soft.
  • The fragrance is delicious, dominated by frankincense oil.
  • It’s all natural, with no nasties.

Insider Tips

  • If you’re skin is very dry or sensitive, this cleanser is great as it won’t irritate.
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    Never Heard Of It

    Posted by Evelyn on 13th Nov 2018

    I haven't heard of this brand before but I like the sound of this balm. I have super dry and sensitive skin, it might help.