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For a quick way to bring a fresh flush to your lips and cheeks which is long lasting and ideal for anyone on the go, try this new multitasking product from Trinny London.

  • What Is It: A two-in-one product delivering a wash of colour to lips and cheeks.
  • Why buy: It is easy to use, it’s long lasting, and the intense pigment is easy to build and blend.
  • The Details: Trinny London Lip2Cheek costs rrp $45 for 4g, available from

Road Test 

I’ve always loved the idea of taking multi-tasking products on my travels, or anything which doubles up and does more than one job, not only to save on weight, but also to cut down on the ever-growing size of my toiletries bag. Sharing products with your significant other is one way to go, such as shaving foam and shampoo, and taking a body wash you can use on your face is another great idea. When it comes to beauty, however, and cosmetics in particular, finding two-in-one products isn’t easy, and finding one which actually does what is promises is another story. Welcome to Trinny London’s new Lip2Cheek, a magical multitasker in a tiny pot which is cleverly formulated with long-lasting, intense pigment as well as having a matte texture, making it suitable to be applied to both lips and cheeks. The range comes in nine luscious shades ranging from softly natural to dark, and with something to suit everyone. A few to consider include Pia, a vibrant bold pink named after one of Trinny’s oldest friends, Freddie, a wonderfully rich true terracotta, Munchin, a beautifully balanced burgundy which is neither too red nor too purple, and Chloe, a chestnut-coloured chocolate brown. And for fans of vibrant reds, the latest addition to the Lip2Cheek range is Rossy, a rich, versatile red where casual meets dynamic, ideal for everyday use. Lip2Cheek really is a terrific two-in-one product. It not only brightens your face with a delicious wash of colour across lips and cheeks, but has a lineup of additional perks which include being long wearing and super practical.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The balm gives your lips and cheeks a wonderful wash of colour.
  • The tiny pot is just 4g in size, making it great for travellers and anyone on the go.
  • A little goes a long way - the pot will last around six months even with daily use. 

Insider Tips

  • For added oomph, apply Lip2Cheek under Trinny London’s Lip Glow.
  • For a quick lip touch-up, dab a little Lip2Cheek onto your cupid's bow and the fullest part of your bottom lip using your ring finger.
Joanna Hall


  • 3
    Nice Colours

    Posted by Vera T on 11th May 2020

    Lovely colours there but I am not sure I'd use the same thing on lips and cheeks....I love a dark lippie but not dark blush!

  • 4
    Looks Great

    Posted by Zazzy1 on 11th May 2020

    A friend thought this was expensive but if you can use it on two places and get six months out of it I reckon its pretty good value!

  • 4
    Big Fan

    Posted by Mel A on 11th May 2020

    Love Trinny she's hilarious and a real woman! This sounds like a great product too, love 2 in 1s.