Top 10 Romantic Things To Do On A Cruise, Part Two

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Romance and the high seas go hand-in-hand for many lovers of cruise holidays thanks to the salty air, the relaxing sound of the ocean, and the concept of truly getting away from it all. And if you’re planning a romantic cruise, here’s the rest of our top pick of the 10 most romantic things to do at sea.

A Romantic Dinner For Two 

If you’re not booked on an all-inclusive ship, with open seating for dinner, or a couples only cruise, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a romantic dining experience just for two. Organising dinner in your accommodation through room service (if available) is one way, but many ships now offer alternative dining venues which host fewer people at one time, and allow for intimate tables just for two. A few of the lines which offer this luxury include Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and MSC Cruises. 

Choose A Romantic Itinerary 

What’s romantic for one couple isn’t necessarily the same for another; for some people it might be visiting the great cities of Europe, while for others it might be enjoying the hot weather and white-sanded beaches of the Caribbean. Fortunately, there are so many fascinating destinations and itineraries to choose from, so there is something to suit everyone on a high seas holiday. For the ultimate in romantic itineraries, however, it’s hard to beat Tahiti, with just some of its drawcards being tiny islands, French cuisine, and sunsets that Paul Gauguin would be proud of.

Cruise On A Couples-Only Ship 

This not only allows you to travel in style, but also gets you away from the energetic bustle of family style holidays, and offers a lot more privacy. Couples-only ships tend to be smaller with fewer guests, and have onboard facilities and activities geared towards grown-ups - and romance. They include more private balconies, more intimate dining, more peace and quiet, such as the ships of Seabourn, Windstar, and Silversea. 

Splash Out On Champagne, Chocolates and More 

Most cruise line staff are more than happy to cater to couples seeking a touch of romance while on the high seas. Besides the options for in-room dining, dinners for two, couples’ spa treatments, and vow renewal, you can also simply treat yourself and your significant other to a surprise bottle of champagne, organise a bouquet of fresh flowers, order hand made chocolates or a special cake, and more. Just ask when you are onboard, and see what’s available, or check if you can bring your own! 

Hire A Private Island Cabana

If you’re ship is visiting its own private island, plan a special day on shore to make the most of the facilities and rekindle a little romance in your life. A good example is Holland America’s Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas. A private retreat for guests cruising the Caribbean, for romantics it has three kilometres of white sand beach to walk on, private cabanas with optional butler service, a private oasis cabana equipped with a with hot tub, wet bar, barbecue, and massage area, and a Bahamian chapel for wedding or renewal ceremonies.

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