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Toby's Estate Single Serve Coffee

Joanna Hall

If you love the idea of barista quality coffee without the fuss, the leading coffee roaster, Toby's Estate, has come up with the perfect solution. 

  • What Is It: Single serve coffee in a bag.
  • Why buy: The coffee tastes good and it’s convenient if you’re travelling or on the go. 
  • The Details: Toby’s Estate Single Serve Coffee costs rrp $25 for 10 bags and comes in two varieties, available from 

Road Test

One of my earliest memories of coffee was having one made by my darling Irish mammy; a small scoop of Nescafe in a cup mixed hot milk, a splash of hot water from the kettle, and two sugars. While it was regarded as a teen treat, I had no idea what I was missing when it came to coffee, until a few years when I travelled to Europe as an adult. That’s when I developed a taste for “proper” coffee and instant never got a look-in again. While it has a bad rap, instant coffee has its benefits, especially if you’re a traveller. While the coffee I prefer to drink has to be properly brewed in a machine, with the next best option being my Nespresso machine, plunger coffee using quality ground beans, or the silver stove-top brewer my sister-in-law uses in Spain, if you’re on the go getting any of these organised takes time or is simply impossible. Who wants to lug coffee making equipment with them on the road? As a result, I used to travel a lot with herbal tea bags, but now, thanks to Toby’s Estate, one of my favourite cafe brands, I can add a coffee bag to my lineup of choices. The famous coffee roasters set out on a mission to remove the stigma surrounding instant coffee by creating a simple and easy-to-make version that tastes good. The result is revolutionary single serve bags which are packed with Toby’s Estate roasted coffee, freshly ground and nitro sealed to retain freshness. And they’re ideal for making a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere whether you’re on the road, or relaxing at home. The coffee claims to be barista quality, and if you’re environmentally aware the Single Serve Coffee Bags are biodegradable with sustainable outer packing. All you need to make one is a cup and hot water, but how does it stack up flavour wise, especially to someone who usually has double shots? The coffee comes in two varieties: Forbidden Planet, which has flavours of milk chocolate and strawberry; and The Next Frontier, with flavours dark chocolate and toffee. I was sent a sample of The Next Frontier, which I tried two ways. I don’t drink black coffee or long whites, so my first version was with traditional froth like a cappuccino. I left the bag in hot water for about 2 minutes, as I like it strong, and while it had a slightly different aroma, the taste was much more like a brewed coffee than I expected, and nothing like instant. Secondly I tried it iced with a splash of unsweetened almond coconut milk, which was equally delicious. If you are a person on the go who loves their coffee but not the fuss or ritual of making it, you’ll love these new coffee bags from Toby’s Estate. As a self-confessed, fussy coffee drinker myself, I was pleasantly surprised. Loves 

  • The coffee works well either black or with milk, also hot or cold. 
  • They’re eco-friendly - the bags are 100% biodegradable and the outer pack is made of compostable and renewable materials.


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