The Best Hotels To Stay At In Queenstown

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If you’re exploring the idea of a trip to New Zealand, you may already know that Queenstown is just about a must-visit destination within the country. Though the greatest charms of New Zealand reside in nature, and Auckland is another city you more or less have to see, Queenstown is a beautiful place that provides easy access to some of the best of this fabulous country’s adventures. And if you’re going to stay there, there’s just something very appealing about occupying a terrific luxury hotel as a base for exploring the city and country around you. 

There are plenty of great options, but a few stand out above the rest. 

The Rees Hotel receives most of the attention, and for good reason, as a five-star resort that’s quite literally perched on the edge of the famous Lake Wakatipu and will always be one of the most desirable places in Queenstown.

Azur Lodge


The Azur Lodge actually shares some similarities with the Rees Hotel simply in that it’s a five-star venue overlooking the same lake (as well as The Remarkables mountain range in the distance). It’s a very exclusive property given that there are just nine villas on offer, but between patios surrounded by shrubbery, bathroom windows that open to lakeside views, in-room fireplaces, and the most comfortable possible furnishings, it’s worth trying to secure a spot. Like most major hotels in the area, it’s somewhat light on amenities, instead simply using the surrounding country and its unlimited activities as main attractions. 

Eichardt’s Private Hotel


Perhaps the most exclusive option on this list, Eichardt’s Private Hotel markets itself as the premier lakeside destination in town, which is clearly saying something. It’s a little bit more modern in its design but otherwise offers more of the same top-notch, five-star relaxation with amazing views. And its penthouse is the stuff of legend. This hotel also benefits from close proximity to one of Queenstown’s main attractions aside from nature, in the form of the SkyCity casino complex. Despite the fact that New Zealand boasts a thriving online industry of betting and gaming sites, the SkyCity company has established a very strong in-person entertainment reputation in Auckland and Queenstown alike, and it’s just two blocks away. 

Peppers Beacon Queenstown


Peppers Beacon is a fairly large hotel, and one that might feel a little bit more traditional to some visitors, though in a way that’s immensely satisfying and not at all disappointing. It’s still a five-star facility, and another one that faces out over part of Lake Wakatipu, though not at its most immense point. Peppers Beacon is also noteworthy because of the inland attractions nearby however. The hotel is is near the edge of the Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve, which can be climbed for stunning views and jaw-dropping vistas of Queenstown that are frankly unrivaled, unless you go paragliding from the top of the reserve, which is an option in good conditions! 

Hotel St. Moritz


Located very close to Peppers Beacon, Hotel St. Moritz provides a lodge-like atmosphere. For a five-star hotel in this particular location it’s actually a very affordable option, and in a sense it might provide the best blend of a refined but welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the standard comfortable rooms and amazing views of nice resorts in the area, the hotel’s defining feature is its so-called hot tub garden, a small but incredible spot consisting of multiple outdoor hot tubs nestled within a terraced garden overlooking the lake. 


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