Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, Phuket - Part Two

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If improving your health and fitness at a unique wellness resort is at the top of your mind, Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort in Phuket is a place where the staff will go the extra mile to curate an incredible experience for you and the service offered is exceptional.

• Where are we: Improving health and fitness at one of the world’s most unique sports destinations in Phuket.

• Highlights: World class sports facilities and expert coaching, an integrative health centre with mindfulness training and a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to health. Complimented by traditional Ayurveda treatments to rebalance or invigorate the senses.

• The Details: Thanyapura is just a 15-drive to Phuket airport (to read our full review on Thanyapura, click here).

After an invigorating morning yoga class, followed by a private session with one of Thanyapura's head coaches to improve my running style, I head to the Divine Restaurant to meet the Executive Chef for a raw food cooking class. I watch closely as he creates the spectacular tasting Macadamia raw cheese and pea patties coated in pistachio crumbs, garnished with pretty lavender flowers to artfully contrast the bright green freshly sourced herbs and inspired flavours. A taste of summer follows with vibrant raw vegetable wraps in carrot, beetroot and spinach filled with creamy humus, avocado, teamed with juicy mango, a scattering of pomegranate and baby rocket makes this dish a tasty invention. Here, the team of chefs focus on the nutritional value and create dishes that reflect an extensive knowledge of food combining, show flavourful innovation, impeccable technique and precision presentation to thrill the tastebuds. You will be sure to find yourself closing your eyes to savour the magnificent mix of tastes and textures. It’s time for my long awaited Ayurveda experience and I am ready to be pampered. The spa room is dimly lit and my therapist places soft pieces of mung bean dough shaped like a donut around my eyes, all I can focus on is the fragrance of sandalwood that fills the room. Slowly she pours the warm medicated ghee over my eyelids flowing into my eyes, it’s an unusual sensation and took me a moment to relax. I could see golden circles of light forming as tiny dark specks started to lift off the surface of my eyes and float before being washed away. This soothing eye bath is said to relax the optic nerve and regulate melatonin. Moments passed and my therapist poured sweet almond, geranium and jojoba oil over my body. The massage began and I sunk deeper into a peaceful dreamy state my remaining muscle tension melted away as this 2 hour indulgence came to an end, leaving me feeling deeply restored. If you’re planning a stay at this world renowned resort, I highly recommend you experience this blissful and purifying ritual, which brightened my eyes and gave me a sense of clarity, renewed vision and profound sense of serenity that I will remember for a long time. 


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Guest Writer, Gaye Gerard