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A natural looking tan without sun damage is at the top of many people's lists this summer, and if you’re looking for skin-friendly products which are also vegan, look no further than Tanologist.  

  • What Is It: A self-tanning water.
  • Why buy: It delivers a nice, healthy glow and it’s long lasting.
  • The Details: Tanologist Self Tan Water costs $22.99 for 200ml, available exclusively from Priceline pharmacies.

Road Test 

I’ll be honest here and tell you that I don’t sunbathe, not because I don’t like having a tan, but because I had a skin cancer. My first was discovered over 15 years ago, and since then I’ve turned to self-tanning products to maintain a healthy glow. Fortunately, the new generation of products look and smell a lot better than they used to, and there’s more choice depending on your desired colour. And as mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve recently came across a new self tanning range called Tanologist. It was created by make-up artist, beauty influencer and ultimate 'TANOLOGIST', Lottie Tomlinson, and is the world’s first vegan self tanning brand to be tested and approved by dermatologists. I was sent four products to try. According to the marketing blurb, Tanologist self tanners have a unique transparent formula which means they won’t transfer onto your clothes or sheets, they won’t dry out your skin, and they also won’t block your pores. There are also plenty of tanning options, whether you’re after a gradual tan, an on the go tan water mist, customisable tan drops or mousse for an all over glow. The second product from the range I tried was the Self Tan Water. It comes in three shades - Light, Medium, and Dark - and has a transparent, water-based formula which super-hydrates while delivering flawless colour. I decided to road test this product all over, including my face, as I was sent the Medium shade and more confident about using it. Using it in the morning after showering, applying it was quick, easy and mess free; all you do is mist onto skin and blend it in. It smelled lightly of eucalyptus, which I liked, and it dried fast so I was able to dress quickly. It took a little more time for the colour to develop than the mousse, but it was a much lighter shade, and again the colour was nice and even. Also, as promised, the colour faded like a real tan, lasting really well for about four days before disappearing. 

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The colour is natural looking.
  • It can be used on the body and the face.
  • Tanologist products are made with skin-loving juniper, pink grapefruit and goji berry.
  • They are also dermatologically approved and suitable for sensitive skins.
  • They are 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free.

Insider Tips

  • For a professional looking self tan, exfoliate your skin well before applying.
  • To make your tan last longer, limit the time you spend in water, avoid waxing, scrubbing or rubbing your skin, and don’t be tempted to use saunas or steam rooms.
Joanna Hall


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    Will Try

    Posted by Jackky X on 12th Jan 2021

    this is a good price and sounds like a great alternative to the real thing

  • 5
    Just Wow

    Posted by Shavi on 12th Jan 2021

    I bought some before Xmas as I wasn't getting my beach holiday this summer, and wow what a great product! It is so easy to apply, doesn't smell and the colour is great. I also added it to my body moisturiser and it worked fine. My new addiction I think until I can get back to Thailand for a real tan LOL