Star Alliance Lounge, Rome Fiumicino Airport

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Star Alliance Lounge at Rome Fiumicino Airport is the latest addition to the completely revamped Italian Airport where fashion and travel collide. Italian-style comfort and a very clean eating area make it enjoyable for weary travellers stopping in Rome.   

The Airline: Star Alliance Group.

The Lounge: Star Alliance Lounge Rome Fiumicino Airport.

Location: Terminal 3, Boarding Zone D.

Other Airlines: The lounge is open to Star Alliance airline travellers including Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and United Airlines.


The Star Alliance Lounge in Rome is a new welcome addition to Rome airport, especially the friendly staff and free-flowing cappuccinos which are bound to put you in the Italian-spirit. Although the lounge is located in the Schengen Zone, Australians will no doubt make use of this lounge if they are traveling about Europe. The staff are extremely friendly and the space feels relatively large with open windows overlooking flights coming in and out. The design brings together Italian designer furniture with a strong focus on contemporary fashion given the espresso/cocktail bar in the centre of the lounge. There are large communal tables and also modern chairs to reflect the Italian designer heritage, which seats up to 130 guests.

Food & Drink

An open kitchen with three separate buffet tables await travellers in this new lounge. The lounge and food are laid out like an Ikea catalogue with the efficient staff constantly replenishing food. I arrived at breakfast so I had access to some semi-ok pastries; they were not as good as I expected unfortunately, and did not feel very Italy-orientated with croissants and other muffins to choose from. However, there was nice Italian cheese, fresh cut ham and well-made hot food including scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms. The fruit platters and yogurt on offer were fresh and there are many beverages including coke, beer, and juice. It is a great lounge for food, and watching the planes fly in and out.


Showers are available, to make you feel at home, and the bathroom is constantly kept clean and tidy. Enjoy USB sockets, power points, tv and of course complimentary high-speed Wi-fi throughout the lounge. Loves 

  • The extremely friendly staff throughout. 
  • The open kitchen and strong espresso.
  • The cleanliness of the lounge.

Insider Tips

  • Visit the lounge despite it being on the European/Schengen side of the airport.


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