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Taking your mobile into a pool or the ocean is risky, but if you enclose it in one of these new waterproof bags, you’ll be able to take great photos without the worry, keep your valuables safe, and never miss a key moment.  

  • What Is It: A waterproof mobile phone bag.
  • Why buy: The bag looks great, it comes in different colours, and it will keep your mobile and valuables safe from water damage.
  • The Details: Seaquatix start from rrp $54.95 and come in two sizes and eight different colours, available from

Road Test

I always enjoy the stories behind great product ideas, and the one relating to Seaquatix is no different. While holidaying in Asia, the company’s founders, Aprille and Max, had different objectives but shared a common goal; to enjoy their holiday while protecting their belongings. Aprille, a lover of social media, wanted to share her experiences of snorkelling with tropical fish, kayaking through lagoons, sailing at sunset and swimming in crystal clear water with all of her family and friends. Meanwhile, Max wanted to ensure the safety of their hotel room keys, money and passports while enjoying the sun and the surf. The solution was Seaquatix, born from a love of travel, safety, and never wanting to miss a moment. Seaquatix is a compact waterproof bag that allows you phone to be fully functional, but also has enough room for essential items that can be transported with you at all times. Its outer shell is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a substance which is flexible and strong, with the ability to resist oil, grease, solvents, chemicals and abrasion. Seaquatix also has a patented lock system and is IPX8 certified, offering the highest levels of protection against dust, sand and liquid, as well as qualifying as waterproof within the International Protection (IP) rating classifications. And unlike many other waterproof cases on the market, Seaquatix's technology allows you to use your phone in water and upload photos and videos in real time while still keeping your essential valuables secure. What that means is, like Aprille, you can post instantly across social media applications, sharing experiences as and when they happen. But Seaquatix isn’t just designed for use in the water; it’s ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities from travelling and running, to boating, skiing and more. Using it is super easy, but before you add your phone, do a waterproof test first with something non-valuable such as a piece of paper or tissue. The open the bag, flip the hinges which are located on the top and back, open up and slip in your phone or anything else you want to protect. Push out all the air to ensure that the bag is air tight, close up checking all the locks are sealed properly and you’re ready to go! The bag comes with a lanyard which you can attach if you want to carry your valuables around your neck, and for maximum results under water, use volume keys to take photos and record videos. To protect your Seaquatix after its been in water, rinse with fresh water after every use. Loves 

  • It fits all mobile phones.
  • You can choose a colour to suit your tastes.
  • It keeps your phone, and other valuables, safe and dry. 


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Joanna Hall


  • 5
    About Time!

    Posted by DeniseL on 18th Jan 2019

    This is a BRILLIANT idea to be able to take your phone into the water. Love it!

  • 4
    Will Get One

    Posted by TaraV on 20th Nov 2018

    Going on a snorkelling-boating holiday in January so will have to get one of these. My sister loves Snapchat and she's already dropped one phone in the pool! Would make a great Chrissie pressie

  • 5
    Great Idea

    Posted by SherieA on 20th Nov 2018

    What a great idea! I'm not sure hubby or I would need one but I reckon my teen kids could make use of these!