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Personail Nail Polish Wraps

Joanna Hall

If you’re in need of great nails in a hurry, and you're not especially good at applying polish, Personail is a quick, easy and affordable option - and great for travellers. 

  • What Is It: A set of nail polish wraps.
  • Why buy: They’re made from real nail polish, easy to use, and come with everything you need to achieve the perfect manicure.
  • The Details: A pack of Personail French Tip costs rrp $17.99 for 16 double ended nail polish wraps, and they come in two lengths, short and long. Available from

Road Test

Until around 18 months ago I was a long time wearer of French tip gel nails, but my nail technician moving away, my local nail salon closing, and a stint of serious DIY at home brought that relationship to an end. I decided it was time to go back to natural nails, and after my nails regained their strength and length, I returned to regular manicures. I also started using nail polish again, mostly a natural gloss with French tips or colour on special occasions, but while I can paint my left nails using my right hand really well, the same can’t be said of doing the reverse. Then there’s wear and tear. One of the reason I loved my gels so much is that I could travel for up a month without them chipping or fading, and in my experience Shellack, and very few polishes live up to the same. Then I heard about Personail nail wraps. The idea for them came about though an obsession with nail art combined with not-quite-steady-enough-hands to produce great results. And if you’re into nail art, you’ll know that it’s high maintenance, as well as a long and tiring process to keep your nails looking great. Also like many women, myself included, a lifestyle juggling work, travel, families and leaves little time waiting for nail polish to dry. Unlike many nail decals on the market, which are made from regular vinyl, Personail is made from 100% nail polish; this means it adheres to the nail exactly like nail polish, but without the drying time, so you can be ready to go in 10 minutes. The set of wraps I got to try was French Tip, and I found that using them was pretty easy once you got the hang of it. Before you start, make sure your hands are dry and clean and free of any oils or creams. Then buff your nails to help the nail wrap to adhere better, peel off the backing of the nail wrap and press it onto the nail. Use the file to fit and shape, and follow with a quality topcoat 2-3 hours after application, such as Personail's Fast Glass. The first time I used Personail I have to admit I rushed it, I didn’t focus and I didn’t do such a great job. The second time I cracked it, however, with a result akin to my old gels, and which lasted well over a week. Removing the wraps is also easy; simply peel from the bottom corner of your nail bed towards the tip of your fingernail (don’t go in the opposite direction as it goes against the grain of your nail), or you can use nail polish remover.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The range of colours and designs is impressive, with something to suit everyone.
  • The kit comes with everything including a nail file, cuticle pusher and instructions.
  • The nail wraps can last up to 10 days, and up to 14 if you use a top coat.
  • The product doesn’t damage nails in any way, and it is allergy free. 

Insider Tips

  • If you are in between two nail wrap sizes, use the smaller one - if the nail wrap touches any skin surface, natural oils will cause wrap to lift.
  • Any gel topcoat or fast drying topcoat may cause nail wrap shrinkage so test on a nail before applying.
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  • Personail Nail Polish Strips
    Personail Nail...

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  1. Posted by on 6th Nov 2018 Verified Customer

    Not As Easy As Promised 4 Star Review

    I have used these a couple of times for holidays but didn't find them that easy to apply. I went back to manicures.

  2. Posted by on 6th Nov 2018 Verified Customer

    Best Idea Ever 5 Star Review

    My girlfriend got married earlier this year and we all (bridesmaids) used Personail so we could have matching nails to blend in with our matching outfits......even the kids....they were easy to put on a lasted quite well I think!

  3. Posted by on 6th Nov 2018 Verified Customer

    Brilliant Idea 5 Star Review

    What a great idea!

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