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Mast Chew Organic Plant Based Chewing Gum

Joanna Hall

If you use chewing gum, but you’re unsure about the health of ingredients, and find disposal a hassle, you’ll love this new variety which ticks many boxes.

  • What Is It: Chewing gum which is safe to chew and swallow. 
  • Why buy: Besides keeping your breath fresh, it contains 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  • The Details: Mast Chew costs rrp $4.50 for a 16-piece blister pack, and $6.95 for a 35-piece bottle, available from

Road Test

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of chewing gum as a breath freshener when travelling, particularly on long haul flights, but a big problem with it what to do with what you’ve chewed when it looses its flavour or your jaw gets tired. Then there’s the issue of the ingredients in chewing gum, particularly sugar, and sugar substitutes; are they healthy, or okay for your teeth? Then one morning a press release landed in my mailbox, and to be honest I had to chuckle. The release told the story of a chewing gum that not only contained 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients, but you could also safely swallow it. I was immediately transported back to my childhood, where we were warned that chewing gum took years to digest inside your tummy, and bubble gum stayed there forever! Consequently, rather than risk swallowing it, we avoided it. Fast forward to 2018, and while its been established that traditional chewing gum doesn’t take years to digest, it is true that it can cause gastric issues if swallowed. Then there’s the ingredients, with many brands using synthetic resins, fillers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, along with controversial ingredients which aren’t particularly good for us. Mast Chew is Australia’s first locally manufactured plant-based, sugar-free chewing gum made from an ancient Mediterranean gum called pistacia resin. It comes from the pistacia genus of trees, and is combined with Xylitol and mint to create a minty fresh flavour and texture to cleanse your mouth. It is also easily digested by the body if swallowed, and can help in the treatment of stomach ulcers. Chewing of gum may also reduce stress and curb hunger pangs by mimicking the act of chewing food, both of which can be experienced on the road. In my first test of this innovative product, I found it tasted great, and left my mouth feeling clean and my breath fresh, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. The second time I did, with no adverse affects whatsoever. This is a great product for a number of reasons, and ideal for travellers thanks to its safety and the fact it can be enjoyed and consumed. There’s no excuse for bad breath anymore! Loves 

  • You don’t have to worry about disposing of the gum.
  • It contributes to dental hygiene by preventing tooth decay and eliminating bad breath.
  • It tastes great, and comes in two forms which are easy for travellers to carry.
  • Mast Chew containing no synthetics, latex, sugars, colours, additives or artificial sweeteners.




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