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You're booked on a long flight, you're sitting in economy, and you don't want to arrive looking, and feeling, a mess. So what can you do? Besides trying to get some rest or sleep, eating lightly, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine during the flight, the truth is not much. But there are a few essential items you can take on board with you, which can make a difference to your appearance and overall wellbeing. Here's my essential in-flight list:

Ear Plugs: If you are sitting in economy, these can be a godsend. Blocking out peripheral noise can help you to rest, and they are more comfortable than wearing iPod earphones. The best ones I've tried are Alpine SleepSoft reusable sleeping ear plugs which block out noise almost entirely thanks to a special filter ($19.95, They will also out your significant other's snoring too if that's an issue. If you are looking to relieve ear discomfort, that annoying clogging and popping some people are really prone to, try EarPlanes (adults are $14.95, from pharmacies and other outlets,

Mini Perfume Spray: I have written about this before in another blog, and done a review, but nifty Travalo is a must for smelling good in the air. The first original aircraft approved refillable atomiser bottle, which launched in 2009, the new version comes in four hot new colours, and holds around 65 sprays; it works by filling it from any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head (from $15.99,

Facial Spritzer: If you don't want to be bothered removing any makeup, or using a moisturiser, spritzing your face regularly can help to keep it better hydrated. One of my favourites is Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist,  which not only hydrates but tones the skin; you'll have to put some into a 50ml travel bottle, though, as it only comes in a 125ml size ($19.95,

Lip Balm: It's not just your complexion which can become dry on a long flight - your lips can also be prone to chapping and tightness. One of my favourite all-rounders is Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Made from beeswax and 100 per cent natural, it's soothing, cooling and refreshing, and one application lasts for hours ($6.95, 

Facial Wipes: On a really long haul flight I like to take off my makeup, and refresh my skin, and one of the best and most convenient ways to do it is using another Burt's Bees product - Facial Towelettes with White Tea Extract. Pop a couple into a mini Snap Lock bag, and when you're ready they'll remove makeup, cleanse and tone your skin in one easy step ($9.95,  

Moisturiser: After cleansing and removing makeup, I will always use something to keep my skin hydrated, and give it a little pep. One of my favourites is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, a cult product around for years, which delivers an instant radiance booster for your complexion, as well as making it softer and smoother. If you really want to scare your in-flight companions use it as a mask. It comes in a 50ml tube too ($55, from Clarins counters, David Jones, and various outlets).

Feminine Wipes: These, plus a change of undies, can make all the difference to how fresh you feel. Try Summer's Eve disposable wipes, which come in individual sachets and can also be used under your arms as well ($6.99 from pharmacies).

Disposable Toothbrush: These are another godsend, so much so that I take one in my handbag wherever I go. My favourite, however, is Colgate Wisp, a teeny tiny toothbrush and toothpick in one, which comes with a freshening bead you can swallow so you don't need water to use it ($5.49, pharmacies).

Joanna Hall