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This lovely range hailing from Melbourne features a range of colourful luggage, handbags, scarves and other essential accessories, which are not only stylish, but ideal and also practical for anyone on the go. Established by Catherine Manuell 14 years ago, this all-Australian range offers over 100 different designs each season.

Manuell was originally training and working as a teacher, and after travelling overseas she returned Down Under 20 years ago and started designing hats. After another stint overseas, she came back and established herself again as a freelance designer, working for labels including Metalicus, Stussy Sista an Kookai, before launching her own brand, CMD.

A unique point of difference where Manuell and luggage is concerned, is being able to spot it on the carousel at the airport. Black might be classic, and some cars look best in black, but it can make for a confusing time when you're trying to claim your suitcase after a flight. As a result, she decided to design something completely different. 

The range expanded from luggage to a variety of other travel essentials including handbags, scarves, hats and more, all embracing Manuell's love of colour and bold design. She's taken things even further, joining forces with remote Australian Aboriginal women to create the Aboriginal Arts Project and a vibrant accessories collection. She works with such esteemed artists including Amy (Jirwullurr) Johnson, Evelyn Pultara, Maureen (Marrqangulu) Thompson, Dianne (Nyuniwa) Robinson, and more recently, Gwyneth Blitner, the women benefitting directly from the production of every item made.

More recently, one of Manuell's projects is Women Artist Cards, fourteen designs showcasing the paintings of eight artists working at the Iwantja Arts Centre in Central Australia, 400 kilometres south of Alice Springs. The sale of each card support the women artists and their communities. 

The 2013-14 Spring-Summer collection is a mix of rich colours with big highlights on scarlet, cobalt blue, citrus oranges, emerald, coral and pinks, with a variety of textures including crocs, reptiles, sateens and cottons. Also new are two prints Lillies and Tea Caddy, from Melbourne designer Kate Hudson. This new collection features a range of smaller essential items we all need, from purses and wallets, to glasses cases.

A great example of luggage, however, is the Eva wheel on board light case, which comes in a variety of designs including classic black floral, vibrant red rose, and colourful Hawaiian (pictured). Bold and modern, at just 37cm x 55cm x 22cm, and weighing approximately 3.2kg, this compact case will not only get you on board your international flight, but also stands out in a crowd. Some of its many useful features include top and side handles, a back pocket, two internal pockets, a compression strap, and lockable zips. 

If you want to look stylish when you travel, with a unique look which doesn't follow the herd, check out CMD. The range is local, top quality, and will have you looking at your best.

Joanna Hall