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If you’ve never worn false lashes before and you want to give them a go for a special occasion, including a romantic weekend away, check out the impressive range from Ardell Beauty.

  • What Is It: A range of top quality false lashes.
  • Why buy: There are different lashes to achieve different looks, they are inexpensive and easy to apply.
  • The Details: Ardell Beauty Natural Lashes cost rrp $10.99 for one pair, and the Duo Striplash Adhesive costs rrp $9.99, available from selected leading pharmacies nationally.  

Road Test 

False lashes are one of those things I always thought about trying but somehow never did. Until recently. I’d decided to give my “look” an overhaul, as I do every few years, and was particularly in the mood for trying something new. False lashes made the list for a number of reasons, one being that thinning eyelashes are part of the ageing process, so if yours don’t seem to have the same length and fullness they once did, that’s natural. Then, while chatting to a beauty expert in Priceline, I mentioned how great her lashes looked, and she told me they were from the Ardell Beauty range. Inspired, I went home and decided that on my next date night with hubby, or our next romantic escape, I would give them a try, especially as I had some on hand to road test. Ardell Beauty has a dizzying range of false lashes to fit every possible look you could wish for. They include the Double Up type for intense volume and fullness, the Glamour type for any special occasion or a night out on the town, and Wispies and Demi Wispies, for a more natural look. My favourite for simple enhancement, however, were the Natural Demi-Wispies in Black. These lashes have a number of benefits, one of which is that they are knotted and feathered by hand to look even and natural. Another feature is an invisible, lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip which ensures secure corners, which means these lashes won’t budge easily. Like all Ardell Lashes applying them is relatively easy, even for a newbie like me. It takes three simple steps. First you need to check the fit against your natural lashes; align the lash band with your natural lash line to check fit, and trim if necessary. Next, apply a thin line of the adhesive along the band, and wait for 30 seconds to set. Finally, apply the lashes, by pressing the lash band on to your lash line. To remove the lashes, gently peel of lash strip starting at the outer corner, remove the adhesive from band and place lashes back on tray to use another time. Things I love about these lashes: they are short and wispy, as per their name, so they don't look too fake; they are pretty easy to apply, and with more use you get better and quicker at the job; they are comfortable to wear and look great. Not to mention they are reusable, making them great value for money.

Beauty In Travel Loves

  • The Natural Lashes in particular enhance your own without looking fake.
  • They are reusable, and you can buy them in multi-packs.
  • They stay on securely, but are easy to remove.
  • The adhesive is formaldehyde free, latex free and hypoallergenic.

Insider Tips

  • Many of Ardell Beauty false lashes can be enhanced further with its range of mascaras including Fiber Building Mascara and Double Up Volumizing Mascara.
Joanna Hall