7 Great Tips To Help You Plan A Romantic Getaway

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For many couples today, taking time off to enjoy a romantic getaway isn’t easy. There are so many demands on our time, from work to family commitments, that finding a slot in your schedule to devote to “together time” can be challenging. We’re all in need of a change of pace and scenery every now and then, with the perfect solution being a weekend getaway. If you have limited time, however, it’s important to give the idea plenty of thought, and devote some time in advance for proper planning. Here’s our top seven tips to make the process easier. 

What’s Your Goal? 

You might want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, while all she wants to do is laze around a hotel pool with a cocktail. We all have different ideas of what makes a great weekend away, but before making your plans, decide what you both want so you can make the most of your time together. And be prepared to compromise. 

Avoid Too Much Travel Time

A luxury resort on the Great Barrier Reef, or a cottage in the Snowy Mountains, may sound idyllic for the two of you, but if you only have a couple of days to spare you could end up spending most of them on a plane, or on the freeway. One great rule to follow when planning a short break is to match the number of days you have free, with the number of hours it will take to get to the destination. So if you have only three days off, then aim to travel no more than three hours. 

Choose A Good Destination 

Travelling time aside, choosing a destination for your romantic getaway is critical. If your partner is an active outdoorsy type, for example, a quiet hideaway could be a disaster for him, and if you both enjoy gourmet food, a tiny village with little more than a pub and a fish and chip shop might well disappoint. Do your research; choose several destinations, see what’s on offer in each one, and make an informed decision you’re both happy with. 

Choose Your Accommodation Carefully

Your home away from home is even more important if you’re travelling for romance. Self catering can be fun, but cooking and washing dishes may not be your significant other’s idea of an idyllic getaway. Choosing the right accommodation is also important if you are not planning to do much, or venture too far; a fabulous room complete with a huge bed, a DVD player, and a spa bath could tick all the boxes. 

Research The Destination For Options

Inclement weather can affect plans for a short getaway, so if you are planning outdoor pursuits such as horse riding, walking or hiking, check out what else you can do should persistent rain strike. Other things to enjoy on a romantic break, regardless of what the weather’s doing, include eating out brunch, lunch or dinner, enjoying a high tea, seeing a movie, wine tasting and sightseeing, so have some alternative plans as a back-up. 

Pack Accordingly 

While it is great to have plenty of choice when it comes to clothes, shoes and toiletries, taking too many things can end up being a chore. Key things to remember when making packing choices include being mindful of the time of year you are travelling, if you are dining out somewhere special while you’re away, and any leisure activities you may enjoy such as swimming or sports. Limit yourself to one bag each, and remember you never need as much as you think. 

Organise The Car Beforehand 

If you are planning to take a road trip, organise your car the day before you head off (unless it’s parked in the street). Make sure it is clean with a full tank of petrol, the tyres are pumped, there’s water in the washer, and pack any sports equipment ahead of time. That way, when the morning comes, you can take off quickly without any fuss!


Joanna Hall