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Soulara Plant-Based Meals Delivery Service

Joanna Hall

If you’re a lover of plant-based foods, and you don’t want to cook, or eat out all the time while on holiday, Soulara is a great option to consider to keep your diet healthy, Here's why.

  • What Is It: A plant-powered home delivery food service. 
  • Why buy: It offers plant-based ready-to-go meals with a focus on minimal processing and maximum nutrition, and it takes the guess-work out of choosing what to eat healthily while travelling.
  • The Details: Soulara meals start from $9.50, with various plans on offer, available from Soulara currently delivers to a wide list of destinations including most major Australian cities and popular holiday destinations including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Blue Mountains, and Central Coast.

Road Test

In an ideal world you’d eat a healthy and wholesome home cooked meal every time you sat down to your dining table, but in reality that isn’t always easy in day-to-day life, let alone when you go away on holiday. Then there’s eating out. If you are following a plant-based diet to improve your health, or you’re a vegan or vegetarian, while choices and variety have definitely improved in restaurants and cafes over the years, depending on your destination options to help you stick to a healthy eating plan can be challenging. Enter Soulara, one of the latest plant-powered home delivery meal services which has created a large menu of healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner which are delivered to your front door, even while you are on holiday. Ordering is easy. All you need to do is visit the Soulara website and select the meal plan of your choice. Plans start from $80.50 for seven meals, which equates to an affordable $11.50 per meal, and there are options for up to 18 meals per week, plus a delivery fee and delivery date depending on where you will be located. Once you have ordered, your meals  will arrive in a futuristic silver insulated box which keeps meals cool and fresh for up to 12 hours after delivery. All you have to do is pop them in a fridge until you’re ready eat them, with some meals designed to be consumed cold, others requiring minimal heating in a microwave, and all good for several days at least. The hardest part of ordering is choosing which meals to include in your plan, and as Soulara’s founder, Founder Yuki Thomas, says eating plant-based food is about more than just what you put in your mouth."We want to challenge the conventional idea that plant-based diets are bland or un-inspiring,” she says. 

The menu, which centres around benefit themes like brain power, gut health, and anti-inflammation, changes constantly with the seasons making sure what you are ordering is as fresh as possible, and is packed with flavour as well as nutritional value. Soulara also sources all produce including fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains and legumes direct from local farmers and growers, and most meals have an international accent with a focus on Japanese, Asian, Indian, Mexican and Italian. Some highlights of the delicious meals we got to road test for a week include a flavoursome Healing Tumeric Soup, an ideal winter lunch made with a filling blend of lentils, farro and chunky winter veggies, and seasoned with turmeric, coconut cream and sesame paste. We also loved Juan’s Mexican Red Beans And Rice, a blend of tofu, BBQ seitan (a wheat gluten), kidney beans lentils and veggies, spiced with cumin and served with brown rice ideal for lunch or dinner. And another favourite, which could be enjoyed cold or hot, was the Sunkissed Pesto; al dente penne tossed with a fresh basil pesto, rocket and sun-dried tomatoes. And for a hearty Indian-themed dinner we loved the Golden Coconut Dahl, a lightly spiced lentil and coconut curry with capsicum and tomato served with broccoli pilaf. Soulara also has a range of delicious juices, kombucha and snacks as part of its offering to add to your healthy eating plan. Favourites we enjoyed here included the Kaleidoscope Greens juice with kale, pear, apple and ginger, the spicy Ginger kombucha, and the Choco Delights bliss balls made with cacao, coconut, date caramel, almonds and natural pure protein - a fabulous treat after dinner or with a coffee. Loves 

  • There's no food prep or cooking required, but for some meals you will need access to a microwave oven to reheat.
  • The meals are designed by a dietitian and nutritionally balanced.
  • There are plenty of different meal options to choose from, and they are delicious.
  • The food is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as anyone following a plant-based diet. 

Yuki’s Top Tips For Using Soulara On The Road 

Soulara options ideal for travellers: "Choose foods that provide immune support, like a vitamin C-rich Soulara Sunshine Booster Orange Juice. I like drinking this before a long flight where it’s easy for germs to circulate. Nuts and seeds are a great travel snack and contain immune-boosting zinc, plus fibre to help keep you regular; long plane flights where you’re not moving much and eating food you’re not used to while travelling can be a recipe for constipation. Fermented food like miso, tempeh, coconut yoghurt and kombucha are also great because they provide naturally occurring probiotics to promote a healthy balance of gut flora. This may reduce the risk of an upset stomach or traveller’s diarrhoea."

Foods good for boosting energy for travel: "Bliss balls, travel-friendly fresh fruits like an apple with a handful of raw or dry-roasted nuts, and veggie sticks with hummus; these give you fibre and plant-based protein to support a steady energy release. Chia pudding is another good one, and is my go-to breakfast when I’m on the road. I like being prepared with my snacks so that I don’t end up resorting to all the highly processed, refined snacks from the petrol station that leave me feeling ready for a nap." 

Organising your Soulara deliveries for a road trip or local holiday: "Check our website to find out when the next delivery date for your desired region is. Generally, our order cut-off is one week before delivery, so make sure you order early enough so that your meals arrive in time for you holiday!"  

Special treats for a romantic getaway: Our Paleo Peanut Butter Cups are a top choice for sure! They’re really rich and decadent but are made with wholesome ingredients so go ahead and indulge in them together. You could even serve them with fresh strawberries and our Kombuchas instead of champagne for a change. Our new chocolatey Mint Me In Heaven Truffles are also pretty special, and dude-approved." 

Extra tips for using Soulara on holiday: "If you’re taking a couple of meals with you for a road or plane trip, make sure to pop them in a cooler bag with the non-toxic ice packs that came with your Soulara delivery. And remember you can recycle your delivery box and the meal containers once you’re done with them." 


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  1. Posted by on 17th Jun 2019 Verified Customer

    Delivery Date 4 Star Review

    The only problem I could see with this is fitting in with a delivery date. The system doesn't seem very flexible if you are travelling. But the food looks great in the pics!

  2. Posted by on 17th Jun 2019 Verified Customer

    Brilliant Idea 5 Star Review

    Brilliant idea, would never have thought of that.

  3. Posted by on 17th Jun 2019 Verified Customer

    Great Idea 5 Star Review

    I'm not a veggie or vegan either but we have self-catered for holidays before and I would never have thought of using a food delivery service like this. Would certainly save time and hassle on holiday! I wonder if the others like Hello Fresh do the same?

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