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2019 Monthly Ongoing Competition Winners


Were you one of our lucky 2019 ongoing competition winners? If not, but you want to read some of the great tips and what our winners reviewed, read on here.


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January 2019 Winner: Terri Zampa for her various reviews including some great tips for visiting Florence from our Livorno port review.

February 2019 Winner: Aimee Tang for her various reviews including a charming one for the luxury fragrance review, Gucci Guilty.

March 2019 Winner: Guy Taylor for his various reviews including some great tips on visiting Venice!

April 2019 Winner: Nigel Murray for his various reviews including a great tip for travelling with Qatar Airways.

May 2019 Winner: Jenny Kaid for her various review including her review of Peppers Kingscliff including a great tip!

June 2019 Winner: George Dixon for his various reviews including some great tips for booking a hotel in Giza to see the pyramids.

July 2019 Winner: Milo Devaney for various reviews especially his top tips for Santornini!

August 2019 Winner: Nina Reski for various reviews but in particular her tips on flying long haul with Qatar Airways.

September 2019 Winner - Anne-Marie Winter for various reviews including a great tip on visiting Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays.

October 2019 Winner - Megan Johnsson for her great tips added to the Oriental Bangkok hotel review.

November 2019 Winner - Elisse Freeman for her various reviews including some great tips for enjoying Koh Samui on the Beach Republic resort review.

December 2019 Winner - Cliff Rogan for his various reviews including his tips for enjoying Noumea.


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This competition has now ceased.

January 2019 Winner: Nic Travis of Melboune with the tip: If in doubt, use a map - looking like a tourist won’t be as bad as getting really lost or, worse, ending up in a dangerous neighborhood! Use a map or an app on your phone, or ask for directions - it could save you a lot of time, and hassle.

February 2019 Winner: Ashlee Bines of Sydney with the tip: Don't be a travel snob, and visit all those primary touristy sites as they are popular for good reasons. You can build in time to get off the beaten track, but remember that sometimes lesser known places are that way because they don't have much to offer travellers.

March 2019 Winner: India Freeman of Byron Bay with the tip: “Wherever you travel in the world, have empathy and be nice - if you come from Australia you live in a privileged country where we take many things for granted like fresh water."

April 2019 Winner: Rita Black of Melbourne with the tip: "Rule one of flying is never miss your flight. It's all too easy for time to slip by once you're through security, so once you’re through, check the departures board to see when your flight’s gate will be announced, and set your smartphone's alarm for that time, then go shopping for duty free knowing you’ll be reminded when you have to head for the gate."
May 2019 Winner: Steve Boone of Melbourne with the tip: "If you take a fully charged power bank in your carryon luggage, it can be a lifesaver especially on long haul flights! You can't always charge your phone or tablet in an airport or on a plane, because even though they may have them, they don't always work. Make sure you take a decent sized one with plenty of juice so that it can at least refresh your phone about three or four times, and even better ones with built-in cables for convenience. If you get delayed, you will at least have your communications and entertainment on hand."
June 2019 Winner: Marla Winwood of Balmain with the great tip: "Flying in economy long haul is a necessity sometimes, but not all seats are equal. Before you finalise your booking, put your details into the search function on a website called SeatGuru which will have a map of the type of plane used for your flight. Then, when you make the booking, make your seat selection based on what they say - the best and worst seats are highlighted, and reasons given for what makes them good or bad. Some airlines charge for exit rows or extra legroom seats these days, so you'll have to weigh up whether or not it's worth the money. Remember that bulkhead seats are also where you'll find babies in bassinets, and seats near the galleys, which might have extra legroom, can be noisy."
July 2019 Winner: Renae Little of West End, Brisbane with the tip: "Regardless of which class you fly in, BYO water bottle. You'll not only be helping the planet but also your wallet as well as adopting a convenient habit! Just remember, though, if you’re flying international you’ll have to empty your bottle before you hit security screening, but there are usually options to refill on the other side free from a tap. If you like your water cold, make sure you buy a double skin or insulated eco bottle."
August 2019 Winner: Theresa McFall of Melbourne with the tip: "Having travelled a lot, I've learned that the attitude you bring with you on the road really can make a difference to how much you enjoy your trip. Be open minded, be prepared to learn something, have plenty of patience, respect people and their cultures, and remember a smile goes a long way."
September 2019 - Celeste Bracca of Sydney with the tip: "If you are travelling as a couple and enjoy date nights at home, do the same in a new destination for together time and to create a wonderful new memory. Splurge on a special dinner, book tickets to go to a special event, get a couples massage at a fabulous spa, or spend the afternoon lazing around the pool ahead of a romantic beach walk and sunset cocktails planning your next romantic escape."
October 2019 - Barry Lu of Melbourne with the tip: "Always carry an extra credit card and a debit card with you which you tucked away in your luggage safely for emergencies....that way you will always have a backup in case you get robbed or lose a card, and you will have access to your funds and not be stranded."
November 2019 - Cattie Sharma of Brisbane with the tip: "Get your body onto the local time of the place you're travelling to as soon as your plane takes off to avoid jet lag. Reset your watch, and act like a local immediately on arrival; that means eat when they eat and sleep when they sleep." 
December 2019 - Devon Grey of Adelaide with the tip: "Travel insurance is everything when you leave home. I’ve heard horror stories of people injuring themselves in remote places, losing valuables including one friend who lost ALL their luggage, flight delays, cancellations.........all of which can leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. And don’t think that it won’t happen to you - I was like that once and paid a high price. When getting insurance quotes also do your research, make sure you are covered for everything you truly need, and read the fine print before committing."


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