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I'm finally back after a bit of a hiatus……and I am looking at two lovely products this week, top of the list being the Aspect travel starter kit.....


I had the luxury of a week off just after Christmas which afforded me the time to try some more tanning products, as well as fulfil my desire for a bronzed look without getting it entirely from the sun.....


It's my first travel beauty blog of 2015, with summer in full swing, even if many of us don't wish to risk premature ageing or skin cancer, we still enjoy our complexions having a lovely, sun-kissed glow....


It's that time of year travelling beauty lovers, when the sun's out and coconut oil fuses with the salt air to give the unmistakeable aroma of summer......


I have an oily scalp, which drives me mad in particular when I'm travelling. Although I don't mind wearing my hair up when it gets a big grubby, like most people I just love having clean hair....


Hello cruise and travel fans! This is my final blog about Diamond Princess, post disembarkation in Melbourne........


Hello again cruise and travel fans! This is the second of three cruise blogs, this one also live from Diamond Princess, back in the Bass Strait and heading to Melbourne......


Hello cruise and travel fans! Welcome to the first of three cruise blogs, this one live from Diamond Princess navigating her way through the Bass Strait to Hobart.....


I was thinking about brows again recently, as you do, and about my next trip, which is a short jaunt on a big cruise ship from Sydney to Melbourne via Hobart. 


Hello travelling beauties! I have just returned from a hectic trip to the UK and Ireland, and am still suffering from jet lag, but had to pen this blog today to share two new favourite beauty products from my travels.....

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The New South Wales Hunter Valley is an ideal spot for a romantic getaway, with .....

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