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Charlotte Tilbury has become a hot new name in beauty, and one of her latest offerings, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow is set to become yet another cult complexion brightener........

Aug 01, 2016 Ben Hall No Comments

I don’t normally write about “beauty” products, even though I admit to using a variety of items on my skin and hair on a daily basis.........


I’ve had an on-off love affair with facial exfoliators over the years, trying some which are quite harsh on the skin, and occasionally finding one which isn’t........


Avène Eau Thermal is a brand which has been around for years, in fact I used to use its famous Thermal Spring Water spray when I was travelling intensely between the UK and USA years ago......


Last week I wrote about how the change of seasons can affect your complexion, winter in particular, and reviewing three new products from Derma e which are not only ideal for travellers.......


There’s nothing quite like a change in the seasons to affect your complexion, and winter in particular can take its toll on your skin.........



I’m writing about one of my favourite beauty topics this week - hair. And besides having a great cut, and giving your hair plenty of nourishment through a healthy diet.......


I tend to use a variety of different beauty products on a seasonal, and sometimes a week by week basis, depending on what I feel my skin needs.


If you follow this blog regularly you’ll know that I wrote about vitamin C last week, but in case you didn’t catch it, this powerful antioxidant is essential to life, and good health..........


Vitamin C is undoubtedly essential to life, and good health, as it’s needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. Among its many jobs are wound healing.......

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Winter Central Park (Tagger Yancey)
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It may be the coldest months of the year but New York City in January .....

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