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I remember back to the days when I waxed my legs; scheduling an appointment to be as hair free as possible on a trip was a military operation....


Romance is in the air today in our office, even if the air in question is somewhat chilly! 


Hands up! Be honest, who out there doesn't travel with snacks, even if you don't have kids?


I can remember going on a ski trip a few years ago, and in a move of rather bad timing, I'd scheduled a session of IPL to reduce pigmentation several days beforehand.


Sometimes I suffer from it and sometimes I don't. It's the bane of every long haul flyer......


Not everyone has the opportunity to travel at the pointy end of the plane, nor do they always have a high enough status with a frequent flyer program to have privileges such as extra weight allowance for check-in baggage. 


Everyone in my circle of friends knows how important my hair is to me. If my hair isn't clean and looking good, I am not a happy bunny.....


It's been a busy few weeks in the cruising world, with the launch of MSC's Preziosa in Genoa, and no less than 10 new Viking longships christened in Amsterdam in March.


Vitamin C is a staple nutrient in both my health and beauty regimes.....


I love reading reports which announce the arrival of Hollywood celebrities at some fabulous destination or other. 

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The New South Wales Hunter Valley is an ideal spot for a romantic getaway, with .....



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