Glamourflage BB Cream



Let me firstly say I am a big fan of BB creams. Some call them blemish balms, some call them a beauty base, and others call them a beauty balm; whatever floats your boat, these miracle creams are usually a hybrid of skin care and makeup, and can do wonders for any complexion covering blemishes, delivering an even skin tone, and soothing or hydrating skin. Our love affair with BB creams kicked off around 2012, and finding the right BB cream for your skin type has been a battle of the three C’s: colour, coverage and consistency. According to Glamourflage Australia, however, what about climate? The skin care brand says it has seriously considered not only the three C’s but also the Australian climate when developing its BB new cream – Glamourflage Oil Control BB Cream. Specifically formulated to provide smooth coverage while actively controlling oil, this lovely, non-greasy BB cream aims to keep your face shine-free in our brutal Aussie climate. It’s also lighter than a foundation, but promises to provide exceptional coverage, while minimising pores and evening out skin tone while completely controlling oil and shine.


Testing it was a pleasure, and it’s a bit different from its competitors. For a start, this BB cream comes in a gorgeous, retro-style unique compact, which uses a metal dispensary plate to disburse the cream to ensure an easy clean application with no wastage. The compact also has a mirror, and a soft application pad, and as a bonus the first one you buy comes with a free refill! To use it you simply open the compact, and press down on the metal plate using the pad to activate the BB cream; the formula is silky with a light fragrance and blends easily, melting into your skin without leaving it feeling sticky or dry. As for wear, it managed to get me through a late spring day in SE Queensland. It also doesn’t rub off easily, your skin feels nicely hydrated, and it is easy to remove. This is a products which not only looks great, thanks to the fabulous compact, but it is easy to use, and does what it promises delivering a nicely even skin tone. It is also ideal for touch-ups on the go. BB Cream by Glamourflage Australia is available now at David Jones Department Stores and David Jones online for $44.95 including the compact and refill.