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After years of being a French manicure devotee I eventually turned to colour. Even though I passed art at school, however, I am not the best with nail painting, so if I am going to get the job done half well......


Travel and skin care are two of my favourite topics. Why? Because your skin often needs extra care before heading off on a holiday, just as it might for a special occasion......


I've always had a love-hate relationship with foundations, and in fact, for many years, I purposely avoided them. However, moving to Australia 18 years ago.........


Years ago I was quite addicted to lip balms - until I found out what was in some of them! 


More about hair this week, and the stress it can undergo when you travel. From air conditioning and heating, to the dry air on long haul flights.......


I love to keep my hair in tip top condition even when I travel, but to do that I often have to pack a lot of goodies for the job into my suitcase from brushes and stylers to hair products.......



I never used to make a fuss over cleansers until I read Dr Leslie Baumann's amazing 2006 bestseller, The Skin Type Solution.......


Essential oils have been a staple in my beauty regime for quite a few years. It all began when my complexion was in the midst of a hormonal hissy fit.......


A lovely new product came across my desk before Christmas, an organic BB tinted moisturiser from Aevitas Organics.......


Most of my beauty loving friends know that I am a big fan of the Dr. Spiller range of skin care and facials. I dipped my toes into this super high quality range a number of years ago.....

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Winter Central Park (Tagger Yancey)
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It may be the coldest months of the year but New York City in January .....

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